Saturday, December 3, 2011

Texas RV Trip - Mexican Food In San Marcos

There were a couple more restaurants we wanted to try out before heading home, but as it turned out they were all closed through the Thanksgiving weekend - good for them.  One of them was Taco Taco Cafe, which we'd seen on DDD, and we planned to meet the family for a late breakfast down in San Antonio.

As it happens they love to swim and the campground has an indoor pool so we invited them up for a burger cookout.  This necessitated a trip to the store which just happened to be a little ways past a Mexican restaurant Bev wanted to try out after reading  Casa Maria had the best Chile Rellenos (her favorite) in the area along with excellent beans. 

We'd found the back route there which included a one lane bridge across the San Marcos River - it's a little longer, but as quick, way less traffic, and more scenic.

They first brought the normal chips but not so normal sauces.  There was a delicious green one and perhaps the best red salsa I've had, and it was spicy enough that we dipped rather than scooped it - far less tomatoes than we usually get.
When the main course showed up, it looked delicious.

The beans lived up to their reputation and while the relleno was very tasty, the coating was totally soggy, even where it hadn't touched the plate or sauce.  Since it came so quickly, I believe they must fry them up ahead of time, then top with sauce and cheese and reheat in the oven - I wouldn't order them again and will start asking if they are fried to order before ordering in another restaurant.
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  1. Nothing worse than a soggy rellano. Did you get the recipe for that salsa?????

  2. You just can't keep a good cook down, even on the highway. ;) We love our brats... must be the German in us. Larry, I sure have enjoyed your and Bev's travel. One day we may get to go across country.

  3. Oh how I miss that good Mexican food in Texas... I had a hard time adjusting to what we get here when I first moved back to TN.... I love that green sauce --and it's hard to get around here.

    Hope you are having a good weekend and getting some rest after that trip.

  4. You sure have a knack for making me hungry.

  5. What is up with the soggy rellano??? That is just so wrong. The plate sure did look delicious though! Gotta love the TexMex.

  6. Larry, I like the looks of that salsa...but then again, with me, its all about the heat! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. That bridge is cool, I like little ones like that.

    Too bad that the relleno wasn't as good as the reviews said. Alexis loves those things too.


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