Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Texas RV Trip - Mexican Breakfast & A Tree Problem

I can't remember when I had this - maybe breakfast our last day in San Marcos, but it started with a flour tortilla, then leftover rice from our meal at Casa Maria, to which we'd added the remaining great salsa.  Then it was topped with a couple of fried eggs, cheese, and salsa from a different meal.

It was outstanding and a great way to use the rice that's nearly always leftover from my plate.


I've often posted shots of our great dock setting on Tellico Lake and commented on having woods on two sides of our lot, but occasionally they come together in unpleasant ways. This likely happened during the 10" (not a typo) rainfall while we were in Texas and it is the second time it's occurred.

Being on a steep hill this tree had to work hard to fall crossways to hit the ramp.  Sweetie is helping survey the damage.

The silver lining is it missed the dock, the ramp support posts, and the power pole and we still have power and perhaps some firewood - looks like a job for the Stihl Farmboss with the newly sharpened chain.  But there is obviously some wood work, likely some plastic piping, and maybe some additional wiring - it will give me something to do if we have any pretty winter days, as if I needed another job on the to-do list.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Your "leftover" breakfast looks delish! Jim and I like to use our leftovers in breakfast also. It's amazing what you can come up with! Some of our best breakfasts have been concocted this way!

  2. Oh, sorry you lost the tree, but good thing the dock was not lost and no one was hurt!!
    And the eggs... great idea with the left over rice, will try that soon because I always seem to have left over rice.

  3. Ah, the joys of home ownership. At least it happened while you were in Texas enjoying fried eggs with salsa. Sometimes it's best not to know. Might have spoiled your breakfast.

  4. Sorry about the tree. Who knows what awaits us back in Lake Lure. The eggs look great.

  5. 10 inches of rain is a lot of rain. Good grief. And thank goodness for Sweetie being there to help with surveying tasks. That breakfast looks and sounds really good Larry ... beautiful eggs for "on the road".

  6. Oh, yuck. Sorry about the tree. That breakfast looks awesome though. Your eggs are always perfection. At least you'll have a great meal to go to, on that perfect winter day you decide to tackle that tree!

  7. too bad about the tree, but with your fantastic breakfasts, you can handle anything.

  8. Larry, Is there anything that you won't or haven't put an egg on for breakfast!!? Even I have never considered a fried egg and rice... Lucky with that tree. We worry a bit about the big trees around our house... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. Too bad it wasn't a smoking wood!

  10. Great breakfast with the left-over rice, Larry...

    OH-the joys of dealing with the weather.... We had an inch of snow today... Very pretty since it clung to everything... That's the kind of snow I love.. It didn't stick to the roads or driveway... George loved that!!!! ha

    Did you get snow???

  11. Well, it looks to me like it's a good thing Sweetie is there to supervise. We had 3" of rain yesterday and today, then 5" of snow tonight. I'm hoping for melting tomorrow.


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