Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hodge-Podge From Bragg

One of our duties while at Ft. Bragg was getting the kids off to school and I got the job of standing out in the cold with the other mom’s at the bus stop.  It was required for the little kids even though it’s the driveway next door and even though they run all over the area by themselves after school – I suppose there are some bus stops where it is dangerous and the kids are young so it makes sense.  Riley likes to be first in line so we went 10 minutes early even though she could wait in the house until the bus pulls up.

The other three parents didn’t want to be in the shot.  After school, I went to check out the neighborhood fort up behind the house - is this cool or what.

.As at home, I frequently cook my own breakfast before Bev gets up and this day I looked in the fridge to see what was available.  I found some sausage we’d brought from home, cheese, eggs, onion, and cilantro.  I cooked the onion and sausage, removed them from the pan and set aside.  I beat up 3 eggs with the cilantro, poured them in the skillet, and added some diced cheddar.  When the eggs were set, I added back the sausage and got this.

Sided with a slice of rye toasts, it was delicious.

For his career, most of the on-post housing Rhett and family have lived in has been pretty crappy, but as a Lt. Colonel, he finally has a nice place, but you need to know for sure which house is yours.

I discovered once again that it pays to wear your colors.  While wearing my WVU shirt at the bus stop I discovered the woman next door was also a WVU grad and later in the day I was stopped at the Harris-Teeter Supermarket by a young woman and asked if I was from West Virginia and turns out she was from my hometown - it's such a small world sometimes.

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  1. Love your header photo! Where was it taken?

    Breakfast looks yummy, but that's nothing new. lol

  2. Love the fort (and your breakfast of course!!).. reminds me of ones we had when I was a kid!

  3. Have you ever seen the movie Lost in America? In a nutshell, it's about a couple who quit their fabulous jobs in L.A., sell their belongings to travel the United States in an RV. One of the first stops is in Las Vegas where the wife promptly looses their nest egg money. He ends up working at a school bus stop. ::::just sayin.

  4. Hi Larry, I've been meaning to ask you if you have ever seen the West Virginia University Marching Band???? I saw a video recently of them---and was SO SO SO impressed. Wow--what a great band.

    Your breakfasts always look fabulous--much better than mine!!!!! ha

    Merry Christmas.

  5. That fort looks just like one that we had, growing up in my neighborhood, except we had a view of the bayou, too. And that omelette looks scrumptious! Happy Holidays!

  6. That fort absolutely rocks, I had a few like that growing up. Magical places, aren't they?

    It sounds like a great visit, even if you did have to get up and get the kids on the bus. Getting yourself up is one thing, getting kids up is like a root canal, ha ha.

    The omelet looks to die for!


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