Monday, December 19, 2011

December BBQ Day

I love snow and snow pictures and nearly every morning during the winter, I sign on to Wunderground, click on the webcams, and check out the snow shots.  The header is one of those webcams from Moose, WY with the majestic Tetons in the background.

I had a pretty light load for this BBQ day with most of it headed to Rhett’s, when we went over to tend his kids for a week.  I cooked a small pork butt, a few chicken breasts and thighs, 3 slabs of baby backs, and about 10 # of wings.  Here's the butt - some are black on the outside when finished, but I prefer the deep mahogany color.

The juice was all saved, defatted, and added back to the pulled meat along with some SOP and it needed no additional sauce for the SIL and me.

Two of the rib slabs got my usual treatment of Head Country Championship Seasoning and nothing else and the third slab, at Rhett’s request, was a repeat of the Asian ribs I’d done last month and over cooked.  This time they turned out very good (maybe could have stood another 3-4*) - I had to cut one off for a sample.

I think it would have been even better had I basted it a couple of times with the marinade while cooking.

Prior to smoking, I just salted the wings and tossed them in canola oil.

The chicken breasts and thighs were rubbed with Wolfe Citrus Rub.

For my wing sauce, I’d been using Anchor Bar Wing Sauce (inventors of Buffalo wings) but I'd used it all and went on-line looking for a recipe and found this clone at

6 tablespoons Louisiana hot sauce (Frank's)
1/4 cup margarine , not butter (Blue Bonnet squeeze bottle)
1 tablespoon white vinegar
1/8 teaspoon celery seed
1/8-1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper (I used 1/8)
1/8 teaspoon garlic salt
1 dash black pepper
1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce
1 -2 teaspoon Tabasco sauce (I used ½ tsp Sriracha)

The Sauce: This makes enough for about 30 "wingettes." Mix all the ingredients in a small sauce pan over low heat until the margarine is completely melted. Stir occasionally.

I made up one batch just as the recipe is written and after tasting thought it was too tart, so I added another round of everything but the vinegar and Srircha and thought it was about right for the medium heat level requestor.  I smoked the wings at 250* to an internal temp of 170 then tossed his wings in it.

Then I added 1 tsp Srircha to what was left and tossed the remaining wings in it.  A thigh tossed in it worked well for lunch.

I would use this recipe again, but omit the vinegar and then use Tabasco and add vinegar to taste.  Interestingly, the customer advised they weren’t quite tangy enough for him.  Also, the sauce needs to be quite a bit hotter to taste for it to be right when put on the wings – after tossing with the wings, the hotter sauce was just right for the medium hot request.  My next step is to buy some of Anchor Bar and Hooters sauces, decide which I like best, then try to replicate at home starting with the recipes available on the internet.  IF YOU HAVE A TRADITIONAL BUFFALO WING SAUCE RECIPE THAT"S SIMILAR TO ONE OF THESE, I"D APPRECIATE GETTING IT.

Final wing comment - My customers usually cook them again over high heat to crisp them up.  After smoking, I like to give them a quick grilling or deep frying, for crust development, prior to tossing in the sauce.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Love the header.. the Tetons are just magnificent! And what better way to enjoy a picture of snow than with BBQ?? Everything looks and sounds delicious, Larry! I don't have a really good traditional wing sauce, but if I did, I would so share it with you :)

  2. My family barbecues year-round so I love this post! I know they would also.

  3. I'm threatining to buy a smoker for a Christmas Gift for us. This post has somewhat pushed me over the edge. How does the Anchor sauce compare to Franks? Franks is the only wing sauce I've ever had and I like it.

  4. More drooling from afar from me!

    I'm looking forward to cooking a boned out leg of Spring lamb for our Xmas dinner - will ensure it has been butterflied and then marinate it overnight(in the fridge, of course.

    Eek - I've already packed away the Marinade recipe ready for my Tuesday flight up North ... will have to revisit you soon!!!

  5. Larry, Beautiful BBQ/Smoked Meats as usual. You've spoiled us for the day in day out Q that one finds in most BBQ joints! Served your ribs to 2 very happy couples we had over for dinner this past week and we gave a half dozen ribs to another friend to take home. He wanted to know our 'recipe' and I told him that it was ingredient...Big Dude!! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. This looks awesome. I'd pay for some of those leftovers today. Deliciousness!

  7. It amazes me when you call it a light load :) That pork butt sounds amazing!

    Love the header photo. My daughter will be living, working and skiing in Jackson Hole for the month of January, lucky girl! Love those Tetons!

  8. Hi There, YUM----all of the BBQ looks wonderful... Looks like you got plenty done!!!

    I love your header --and would love to have that cabin on the left side...... Oh how I love SNOW.

  9. I love BBQ chicken wings. They're so much fun. And you can eat a lot of them without feeling guilty!

  10. Although we don't actually do the barbecuing in December, we certainly do go out and get some! Looks heavenly Larry! And your header is beautiful for this time of year!

  11. We've had so much snow here it's unbearable....ha ha ha

    Okay, maybe I mean so much rain, lol.

    I do a lot of sauces for my wings but when it comes to a regular "hot sauce", mine is embarrassingly simple. 50/50 butter/hot sauce with a splash of Worcestershire sauce. I was thinking the one you posted sounded pretty good, actually.

  12. We are fortunate to be able to BBQ year-round. This looks like a fantastic spread!

    The hubby follows your blog and when he read about the Head Country Championship Seasoning...well, he couldn't resist! We just got ours in the mail and we are looking forward to some great BBQ!


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