Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Grilled Cheese For Breakfast

The other night, following supper, I began craving a grilled cheese sandwich so I put it on the menu for breakfast.  But what about the egg you asked – not to worry.  Since my go-to breakfast is a fried egg atop a piece of cheese toast, I decided two pieces of grilled bread made just as must sense.

I started with the sandwich by spreading a little mayo on the bread and adding Cabot sharp cheddar and the thinly sliced white part of some green onions. 

The bread outside was buttered and into a skillet it went over medium-low heat.  After flipping I added a lid to aid with cheese melting and started a sunny-side-up egg frying in another pan, also with a lid and a little water.

For the final dish, I just topped the sandwich with the egg, added the green part of the onion and this is the result – sided with some grapes and fresh raspberries that Bev had assigned me to eat while she was gone.

Since bread grilled-in-butter is up a notch from toasted bread, you know it had to be delicious, and since it's just a little more effort, this may be my new go-to meal.  I would have added some sliced tomato and/or crispy bacon to the sandwich but we were out – I’m trying to use up what we have on-hand.

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  1. That's it.. I'm coming to your house for breakfast... well for all my meals I'm thinking!! Love grilled cheese, haven't had it for breakfast since I was in college!! lol And, I love that you slather mayo on it.. that's the best way to prepare them!

  2. This is my kind of breakfast! I adore grilled cheese and now I have a reason to have it for breakfast. The reason? It looks delicious!!

  3. Really, with an egg and some melted cheese you can't go wrong for breakfast! Sounds so tasty.

  4. Of course you put an egg atop your grilled cheese sandwich. Why would we think otherwise?

  5. Hi Larry, That grilled cheese sandwich topped with an egg looks GREAT... I would love it ---but give me plain ole mild cheddar as my cheese....ha


  6. Larry, Other than maybe ice cream, is there anything that you wouldn't put an egg on!? I like eggs but when it comes to variety, compared to you, I'm just a beginner... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. Dang that would be good any time!

  8. mmmmm Mayo and green onion on a grilled cheese sandwich sounds really good. And you know how I feel about that egg! Great final photo of the sandwich Larry.

  9. I never would have thought to top a grilled cheese with an egg, but that sounds awesome! I love a soft egg like that.

  10. I haven't made breakfast yet this morning and yours looks extra good. I might do something like this except at some of my pulled pork on it too.


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