Monday, November 21, 2011

Football And Chili Pepper Puree - Almost

Wow - what a weekend in college football it was, with Tennessee winning it's first SEC game and many upsets:

Iowa St. beat Oklahoma St.
Michigan beat Nebraska
NC State beat Clemson
USC beat Oregon
Baylor beat Oklahoma
Alabama beat Georgia Southern :-)

It was a tough weekend for the fans in Oklahoma and #2 got beat, so now there are a whole bunch of 9-1 teams to argue over who is now #2.  It will give the talking heads on TV plenty to pontificate about.

When I made my previous post about peppers, I almost said that it would be the last one for the year, but I’m glad I didn’t as I have just one more.  We had used some pesto from the freezer the other night for pizza and it got me thinking about a use for all of the small chile peppers I’d left on the plants.  I suggested to Bev that we cut out the stems and puree them in the food processor, seeds and all, then freeze them as cubes and use to add heat and flavor to dishes. 

Much to my surprise, she liked the idea (she often pooh-poohs my brilliant ideas), so off to the garden I went – I ended up with a small basket of anaheims/ poblanos and one of sweet peppers.

While Bev went shopping for our RV trip, I washed and removed the stems from the chiles to get a nice bowl full.

I chopped them almost to a puree and tasted – they were pretty warm but we decided they would work well in soups, chili, salsas, and sauces. 

We froze them in ice cube and ½ cup sizes.

This was a good way to use up those little peppers that I hate to see go to waste, but are too small to roast and peel and usually just end up in the compost pile.

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  1. I wish you had not reminded me of the butt kicking Nebraska got from Michigan this weekend!!! :) BUT, I do LOVE this idea of the pepper puree.. you could use it in so many ways!

  2. I think we should call you the pepper man Larry. Do I remember that you have an outfit with peppers (or is it tomatoes?)

    We've been enjoying college football this year, especially since my Razorbacks have had such a good season. I have to say it very, very quietly in my neck of the woods as most people are Tennessee Vols or Georgia Bulldog fans, but Go Hogs.

  3. I have one whole side of the family who lives in Oklahoma that I just dread seeing over Thanksgiving. I'm sure it will dominate the conversation. :) RE: chile pepper grind: devilishly clever.

  4. Sam - I have one pair each of tomatoes and chile peppers in both shorts and long pants and I love the looks and comments I get when wearing them - except in Walmart of course, where I'm not in the league with the Walmart People.

  5. Well, this is a great idea!! I usually just toss all my peppers in a ziplock bag and keep in the freezer, pulling them out to use when I need one. But I like the idea of having some of the pureed.

  6. Can just picture you in those pants at Walmart. I bet you don't even get a second look. The peppers are a great idea. Waste not, want not. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Larry and Bev. Safe travels.

  7. Freezing small portions of the pepper puree is a great way to use up every last bit of them. I hope you and your family enjoy a very Happy Thanksgiving, Larry. Thanksgiving dinner is my favorite of the year.

  8. On the picture with the ice cube trays, if you don't look real close the tray looks like a little green football field with the chalk lines.

  9. What a great idea!

    Sorry that my alma mater beat the c….. out of Okie State. it was certainly a surprise! I'm more of an Iowa Hawks fan and they're having a poor year. My husband is in disbelief over his precious OSU Buckeyes.

    This is a family overly-addicted to football at all levels; I don't think we've seen anything else on the tube since August! Well, I do get to tape my cooking shows! :-)


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