Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Got This Day Started Right

I took a plain fatty (smoked chub of breakfast sausage) out of the freezer yesterday for breakfast this morning. I cut off two nice slices and warmed them up in a skillet. I cut in half one of those delicious rosemary rolls left from dinner the other night, topped with the fatty, a slice of Cabot Sharp Cheddar and a little red onion. While it was warming in the toaster oven, I fried up a couple of eggs in olive oil and layed them atop the fatty stack.

I sided it with a thick slice of tomato topped with Breakstone cottage cheese. I like this brand because it comes closest in taste and texture of old timey cottage cheese from the farm (small curd and dryer) - I don't care for the ones that have a fewer curds swimming in liquid. This was definately good eats. Have a great day. Larry


  1. I sure would have a great day if you would come cook for me

  2. This reminded me of those old Breakstone commercials back in the 70's or 80's, hadn't thought of those in years.

    Fattys are the best breakfast food ever! My favorite thing to do is serve sliced between two pieces of french toast.


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