Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Smothered Stewed Potatoes Ala Mary

When Bev and Pat (SIL) headed off to Florida and left me to fend for myself, I told her I was going to try and eat items that had been languishing in the freezer for a while.  The first thing I got out was a package of Spinach Asiago Chicken Sausage from Sam’s, and grilled two links for a sandwich.

Then along comes Mary’s recipe for Smothered Stewed Potatoes, on her Deep South Dish blog and since I like potatoes and I like gravy, it seemed prefect.  One of her alternates was to add Andouille and green pepper, but I had three links of this sausage and a nice red pepper – close enough.  I followed the recipe as shown on her blog starting with a sauté of the sausage and pepper in a 75/25 olive oil/bacon grease mixture.

I sided the potatoes with a wedge of lettuce topped with some Newman’s Caesar Dressing (all I could find) and grated Romano Cheese – the taters got some as well.

The potatoes were outstanding and I have lots left over for other meals.  I can see they would work well with a variety of meats in them. 

And for breakfast next morning, I fried some in a little olive oil.

After flipping, I moved them to the sides, cracked in a couple of eggs and added a lid to get this.

The fried cheese caused them come out of the pan a little hard but they still looked pretty good and when cut up with the eggs, tasted outstanding again.

Thanks Mary for a recipe that will be used many times.

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  1. It looks liek you had a tasty survival while fending for yourself;))

  2. I might just konk you over the head with that dirty skillet for that breakfast! Man does that look good.

  3. Larry, if you ever get bored, you could open a diner that specialized in breakfast with that egg and potato dish. They would be beating down your door.

  4. Boy, next time Chris has to fend for himself, I'm sending him to your house. He would have had chicken nuggets and Doritos! lol
    Love the potatoes... they look and sound so tasty!

  5. Larry I love you!! :) I should have known you could transform those potatoes into breakfast. Thanks for the shout out. Nice pic on the header too - I could sure stand being there myself right now!!

  6. Those potatoes might be just what I need to go with my meatloaf tonight. Then I could copy your breakfast tomorrow. Hmmm. Not a bad thought there! Hope you're surviving well on your own!

  7. The potatoes do sound fantastic. I love that you always turn your leftovers into the BEST breakfasts!

  8. bacon grease makes everything taste better when you use it to fry with! Those potatoes look like a perfect breakfast with those lovely eggs.
    I'll take an order please!

  9. Nice trick on doing a blend of oils, it does make a difference when I have tried that. When you redid them for breakfast, wow, those look exceptional!


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