Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Marco Vacation Dining – 2

Over the past couple of years, several of you have commented that I should open a restaurant and serve some of my breakfast creations, and if I were younger with plenty of money, I probably would.  I’d want to do it like some of the places on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives serving good quantities, of all homemade food at a reasonable price.  This is in contrast to a lot of the tourist food places that seem to predominate Marco who do just the opposite – mediocre food at high prices. 

But one we’ve discovered is like the place I’d want to have.  It’s called Hoot’s and in the off season it’s a breakfast and lunch place, but open for dinner Dec-Apr.  It’s large enough to support itself, but small enough to make every meal memorable.  I’ve posted about Hoot’s before, but just had to again.  Their day begins early by making their own bread – best rye I’ve ever had - then using it for their breakfast toasts and lunch sandwiches.  Not surprisingly, Hoot's has 4-5 stars everywhere I found it rated.

We went for breakfast and as usual were not disappointed.  Pat had the Southwest Cheesebake and ate about a third of it, Bev ate half of her Huevos Rancheros, and I tackled the Crab Cake Benedict with hash browns (the waitress recommended them vs. the home fries and they were perfect - Waffle House good).  Here’s Bev’s then mine.

The waitress said she remembered me as I’m the only customer who photographs his food.  The only negative for the meal was I’d taken my appetite suppressant and couldn’t finish it all, so I removed the English muffin from the bottom and shared the potatoes, but I still hurt it.

Before leaving, we ordered a loaf of rye for pick up the next day.

We skipped lunch and the ladies laid around the pool as seen from our balcony - they love their Kindles. 

For supper we grilled up some steaks brought from home and sided them with a salad and garlic cheese Naan bread - Pat needed a break from fish.

Not a bad way to end up another hard day at the beach, and we have a partially cooked steak left over for another meal.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. Did you say "Waffle House Good"? Man I haven't been to our local Waffle House in years. I used to love to go early on a Saturday morning and order a hamburger and those hashbrowns ... with onions and gravy. Sinful!

    What is on top of the crabcake benedict? Looks like Hoots serves up a good breakfast.

  2. Oh, Larry, if you opened a restaurant and served your amazing breakfasts, I'd be there every morning! I don't care that you are a thousand miles away :)

  3. Larry, The Huevos Rancheros are right on the money for me. They looked great. Laurie would love the Crabcakes Benedict. Tough day for you though...having to end it with those outstanding looking steaks...cooked just right! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. It amazes me how restaurants that serve lousy food at inflated prices stay in business. And are always busy, too!! Hoots looks like a refreshing change of pace :) That Benedict looked amazing!

  5. Crab Cake Benedict! Yum, I want that, now! Nice looking steaks, too. You live the life!

  6. That just made me hungry and I just ate some veggie soup! It all looks so good. I always try to sneak pictures of food at the places that I want to show off their food on my blog. Not sure if I've been caught yet or not! lol They might think I'm a restaurant critic! lol

  7. This looks Hootie good.Especially the eggs dishes;)

  8. Those are some fine looking meals!

  9. "The waitress said she remembered me as I’m the only customer who photographs his food."

    Hilarious, Larry! I love it. Just like I love the idea of crab cake eggs benny. As long as the crab cake is made right (and sounds like Hoots would do that), this dish can't go wrong.


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