Thursday, October 13, 2011

Marco Island Vacation

We've been coming to our timeshare condo in Marco Island, Fl for about 10 years and when we come in October, we frequently have to close the drapes at night to block any light so the sea turtles can hatch and not be confused about where the ocean is.  We've come this week in the past but for the first time there is a nest just down the beach from the condo.

The predominent species nesting here is the endangered Loggerhead and due to the BP oil spill fouling the northern gulf coast beaches, these nests are even more important.  As soon as a nest is discovered, a lady working for the state erects posts with yellow caution tape to mark the nests which are heavily protected - serious fine for messing with it.  She then digs up the eggs, counts, and replaces them.  After hatching she will remove any remaining eggs to determine hatch rate.

About 2 1/2 months later when it gets close to hatching time, she adds black material, sealed with sand at the bottom to guide them toward the water. Then she makes little sand dunes on each side to further aim them toward the water.

I can't help but wonder if the birds are laying in wait for them.  Next shot is from the water back to the nest.

I love it when humankind is doing the right thing for the other inhabitants of the planet.

The header shot is from our Marco Island, Fl condo and this next shot is of a bunch of very small, one person, sail boats that have been going out each morning and seemingly just sitting there for several hours – it’s like they’re practicing lining up for a race that never begins.

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  1. It's about time humans did something to help the wildlife population! Looks like a fabulous place to vacation!

  2. How cool that you are there to see this Larry. I've only read about it and it was on the South Carolina coast in the barrier islands. The people that set this up take their jobs of the turtles very seriously I've read. What a heartwarming thing. Thanks for sharing what many of us will never see in person.

  3. I had no idea we were going to so much trouble for those turtles. Fabulous! I have a friend who spends his summer protecting the Piping Plovers.

  4. I love turtles... even though my post this week is about a soup using them! I personally can't imagine it since I find them incredible beasts.

    Just saved a big snapper that was crossing the road before the hurricane...even though he was not happy about it. Pushed him into a box I had in my trunk with a bag and he was snapping the whole time!!!

    I set him by the pond and when I came back he was gone. I felt like a good person for doing it. Bravo to helping them!!!

  5. I wish we could have seen them after they hatched and made their way tot he water. Great post, Larry!

  6. Larry, Nice view in your header photograph! It almost makes me want to visit Floriday... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. Glad to hear that they are working hard to save the turtles/eggs... That's awesome... Wish we humans did more to help other critters on this earth....

    Great pictures... Looks like a great place on Marco Island.

  8. This is totally awesome but I'm so jealous of that great view on this rainy, chilly day here. I've read many articles regarding the turtles and nature never ceases to amaze me.
    We had a huge, probably 15 pound, snapping turtle in the street in front of our house this summer. He came from the creek next to us and it was not easy for Bill and a couple of guys to move him. He hissed and snapped like mad.

    This is so great that there are programs to protect the turtles there. I imagine it is no easy job. The header shot is fantastic, love that beach and water!!!

  9. I remember the turtle wranglers from my days in Florida, mainly because they were often the only other people out on the beach at dawn when I was paddling out to go surfing. But back then, they didn't put up the silt fences, they just blocked off the nest from beachgoers.


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