Friday, October 7, 2011

End Of The Garden Supper One

Our garden is now on a serious down ramp except for the peppers which are still going strong and we put together a couple of meals to use the fresh stuff.  First, was a favorite of our friend Joe who was over for his semi-monthly visit.  It was the last of our okra, the last of the corn from the little farm stand up the road (the coons got the last of mine a month ago), some fried small green tomatoes, and sliced Cherokee Purple and Yellow Brandywine maters.

The corn and okra got their usual half stick of butter, S&P and flour /corn meal breading, respectively,

and the green tomatoes were sprinkled with S&P, and Todd’s Dirt that I’d just picked up at the store and breaded with a 50/50 flour/cornmeal mix.

Just good ole basic country vitals – all we needed was a little cornbread. 

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  1. Oh looks good.Iy is ncie to see you make a good use of your garden.peppers you could chatrgrill put in amrinade of olive oil and garlic and freeze.
    You could fill them with rice and mice and cover with tomatoe sauce or you could use them in your own way:))

  2. I like good ole country vitals. My tomato plants are still going strong. Full of beautiful fruit. Now if I can just keep Jack Frost away for a couple more weeks...

  3. Sign me up for some good ole basic country vitals, Please!!! YUM!

  4. It all looks wonderful and now I'm craving some veggies! Yum! Have a great weekend!

  5. Larry, Despite it's vegetarian focus, that looks like a great lunch! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. It's so sad to think of the garden ending but what a way to go! Everything looks wonderful.

  7. The colorful tomatoes look great! The serious down ramp here usually starts in mid September, but all the rain we had for 2 weeks just wiped everything out.

  8. The last tastes of summer has long gone at my house.... I did get to have some corn on the cob that was roasted on a grill at the Pumpkin Festival last night though!

  9. Sigh....fried okra. Enough said.

    We totally thought about you Friday night when we sampled that Olive and Sinclair chocolate brittle made with nibs smoked by Benton. Alexis must have gone back 10 times to get more samples. Hopefully the local store will start carrying it too because I hate to "mail order" from Nashville for something that starts here locally.


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