Monday, October 3, 2011

Baked Cod Ala Pam & Larry

After bringing back the seafood from our May trip to Maine, I’ve continued to bookmark your recipes and when Bev said she’d like to eat reasonably lite for supper I quickly found one to try.  It is Panko Breaded Cod from Pam over at Pam’s Midwest Kitchen Korner – check out her site for the complete recipe.

Since I had four pieces of cod, I thought I’d expand my horizons a little and make them all different and invent three recipes – it’s nice being retired and having nothing better to do, and I just love taste test opportunities. 

The one change I made for all four was to add the S&P directly to the fish before the flour, so I could control the amount – this means get plenty to me, and I still didn’t get enough. 

The flour, egg wash, and panko coating were per Pam’s recipe

Piece one was Pam’s recipe with the S&P change.

Piece two was for Bev’s heat loving palette so I added a healthy coat of creole seasoning and cayenne prior to the flour.

Piece three was Greek and I added some fresh oregano prior to the panko then some chopped kalamata olives, feta and a little mozzarella cheese after flipping.

Piece four was Italian and I added some dried Italian herbs prior to the panko then some chopped black olives, salami (couldn’t find our pepperoni), parmesan, and mozzarella after flipping.

All were then garnished with chives and a lemon slice prior to serving.

We sided them with roasted veggies ala Bev, which were eggplant*, yellow squash, onions*, sweet green* and red pepper*, Anaheim chile’s*, celery, carrots, and garlic* – all tossed with olive oil, Lawry’s Seasoning salt, balsamic vinager, Worcestershire, and chipotle hot sauce.  When done she topped with mozzarella and heated to melting.  * = from our garden

Here’s my plate with some of each.

I’m not a big fan of roasted vegetables but I thought these were outstanding – Bev is a real chef.  The fish dishes were different and all very good but varied based upon the amount of flavor you may like - other than the Cajun, I wish I had added a little more of everything to all of them.  A final observation is like halibut, I prefer cod cut into fingers and fried as it’s a little chewy otherwise.  Thanks Pam for the inspiration for a delicious meal and I’ll try it again with haddock.

I think I probably had too many leftovers to just top with a couple of eggs for breakfast, so I ate them for a couple of lunches.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. The fish looks delicious, Larry! Love that you experimented with different flavors on each piece of fish. And Bev's veggies look amazingly cheesy and good!!

  2. Yum... The fish dishes do sound great ---but you'll have to tell Bev that I LOVE roasted veggies.... Looks terrific.

    Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

  3. Larry, That fish looks pretty darn good! Leftovers in our house would go to a fish sandwich for lunch...or, as you mentioned, fish with eggs for breakfast! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. I think the fish dishes look amazing! I am surprised that you aren't a big fan of roasted vegetables - the leftovers are excellent with eggs!

  5. I'm surprised you're not a fan of roasted vegetables. The fish looks good ... I have the worst luck with cooking fish. I really must try to do a better job.

  6. I find cod too salty for my taste, but your coatings and toppings sound just great!

  7. My preferences for fish are simpler, lol. Funny thought I thought you would like roasted veggies.

  8. A meal fit for a king! Larry, this is why I enjoy your blog- It looks like you and Bev are living your dreams! But it is still fun to ask!


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