Friday, April 29, 2011

Reuben Sausage Sandwich and a Birthday Dinner.

It finally worked out that we had some homemade 1000 Island Dressing, good rye bread, and Reuben sausage at the same time. I’ve had the sausage with mustard but this was the first time with the dressing.

I just browned the sausage in a pan, sliced it in half, and made this sandwich.

It was awesome.

Bev’s birthday was last week and while I made several dinner suggestions she wanted her new favorite seafood dish – grilled shrimp – along with some fresh from the garden asparagus.

She thought the meal was very good and hers was the only opinion that mattered.

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  1. Happy Birthday Bev! Isn't a good Reuban just the best. Still want to try that home made thousand island. Yes, I'm up watching the wedding. (I knew you were wondering)

  2. Happy birthday Bev. My birthday would have been special too if I'd been served grilled shrimp and home grown asparagus. Hope you have many, many more.

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to Bev! Looks like she had an amazing birthday dinner...YUM!!!

  4. Belated Happy Birthday, dear Bev - your dearly beloved Larry knows how to do shrimp to celebrate with you, and for you.

    Hoping that Larry is still delivering scrumptious breakfasts to you,

    Michelle and Zebby Cat down under in New Zealand

  5. Hi Larry, Happy Birthday to Bev.. Her birthday dinner looked incredible. I'm sure she enjoyed it.

    I love Reuben Sandwiches--but I need some kraut on mine!!!! Yours looks great though.

  6. Happy Birthday Bev!!!!!!!!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend! breakfast in bed for Bev....shhhh!!

  7. Larry, The grilled shrimp and asparagus look terrific! Damn!! Now I'm hungry... The good news is that tonight we're having BLT's... Benton's Bacon of course, fresh lettuce from the Menonite farmer's market in Delano...and on their fresh bread as well. The only shortcoming is that we only have store-bought tomatoes...much prefer heirlooms! Still, can't wait... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  8. It all looks good, especially the shrimp! What kind of marinade or baste did you use? They have a nice shine to them.

  9. I'm loving that marbled rye and corned beef sausage. Beautiful!


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