Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pulled Pork Breakfast Burrito

While we had our dock closing party three weeks ago, the dock is now really closed for the season - water and fridge turned off, seat cushions stored, tables covered, water toys deflated and stored, boat buttoned up - but still usable, lake's down 3' but still usable as well.  Above is how it looks now.

I’d wanted to cook this meal for several days, but didn’t have a sauce to put on it until this weekend, when Bev made up some fresh tomato salsa for the Walkers visit.

My goal was to use up some things in the fridge, so I sautéed some onion, sweet pepper, cremini mushrooms, and a jalapeno and then added some pulled pork. I considered adding potato, but realized I didn’t need the filler and likely wouldn’t taste them anyway. I seasoned with salt, pepper, some Chipotle Tabasco Sauce and scrambled in a couple of beaten eggs.

When it was done, I rolled it in a couple of flour tortillas.

Topped with some salsa and shredded cheddar.

And nuked for a minute to heat the salsa and melt the cheese. I don’t usually use sour cream, but decided it would make for a prettier photo.

It was worth the wait and I ended up eating it all – glad I didn’t have anything else to go with it.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. Your breakfast looks delicious as always.
    I enjoy the end-of-summer/hello-fall routines. There's something soothing about all that. But the header photo is still the same.

  2. I would not fit through the door if you made breakfast for my family. This sounds really good. You asked about the safari. It was an add-on to the regular tour. We often break away on our on, but this was a planned adventure sponsored by Road Scholar. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  3. Don't be surprised one morning if I show up at your door for breakfast!

  4. I love the microwave for making fast, easy meals. And I love the way it melts cheese, too. Great breakfast.

  5. That looks like an awesome breakfast!

  6. Looks like an awesome breakfast, Larry.... For some reason, it seems much better than this bowl of cereal I am eating... ha ha

  7. I want that breakfast burrito now.

  8. You can't beat pulled pork for breakfast. Nice burrito dude!

    Big difference at the dock. I think I'm ready for spring.

  9. I love breakfasts like this! Simple, yet filling and delicious!


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