Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Garden Breakfast

We cleaned out our garden the other day to beat the freeze and have quite a few sweet peppers, jalapenos and green tomatoes. We’ve already frozen most of the sweet peppers but kept out several to eat on. For breakfast this morning, Bev whipped up a modified Alabama scramble substituting peppers for okra and she included a couple of jalapenos – so it was potatoes, onions, peppers, green tomatoes, and jalapenos and rolled in cornmeal and fried in vegetable oil. It turned out delicious and, I'd first decided no, but couldn’t resist topping mine with an over very easy egg.

I've got to get out the book and learn to shoot close ups with this camera as my shots are the pits.
This meal should give me a good start for the final clearing and tilling of the garden, pulling up the last plants, storing the tomato cages, spreading compost and tilling it in.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.



  1. What a great looking breakfast! I just picked the rest of my garden yesterday...Thanks for the idea!

  2. I know, I need to get out and put my garden to bed for the winter.

  3. I'm fairly certain I could eat almost anything rolled in cornmeal and fried - and this sounds quite delicious. I would have gone for the hen fruit topping as well, Larry. :)

  4. YUM..... And YES---I'd want an over-easy egg on top also!!!!!

  5. Oh that looks so good.. I would devour that!
    PS..I just finally figured my camera's such a joy once you finally do...hang in there, you'll get it!!

  6. mmmmm, I love the vegetable combo and rolled in cornmeal? Sounds delicious. I've got a big ol tub of cornmeal in the pantry, I should get used to using it more.

  7. Sometimes it's not overdoing it that makes a great dish. That is personally one of my favorites. I actually had a picture and a post I was going to do on basically the same thing sans cornmeal but I thought no one would take it as great food. Thanks again Larry for reassuring my palate. :)


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