Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Free Stuff

Hi blogger buddies – I’ve been trying to find homes for items we no longer use and all of these are like new.  Since they are food items, thought I would offer them to you first for free if you’ll pay the shipping.

First is a food grinder and stuffing tips that attaches to a Kitchen Aid mixer.

Second is a grain mill that attaches to a Kitchen Aid mixer and it also includes a counter mounted stand that allows it to be used manually.

If you are interested in them for your own use (not resale), send me an email with your name and shipping address and we’ll work out the shipping cost.



  1. I sent you an email about the grain mill. It would give me an excuse to make some bread. Thanks

  2. Both are great to have in the kitchen! I have a feeling you'll have no problem giving them away.

  3. Hi Larry, Serious kitchen tools for serious cooks! They look good but we're just not that serious... Looks like you'll have a couple of takers! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. I love this sausage one I have thought of buying it many times and just keep making patties! LOL


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