Saturday, June 13, 2015

Chile/Salsa Verde

While consolidating from two to one freezer - yep, no need for two without the BBQ business - I discovered a piece of Hawaiian pork roast from our blogger party in 2013.  We had been wanting to make green chile so I went in search of a Chile Verde recipe and found one that sounded good at and matched the ingredients we had on hand, or at least thought we did.  You can click on the link to check out the original recipe but below is what we made.

We decided we wanted to have some salsa verde on hand so we made an entire recipe of the sauce then added some to the diced pork to make the chile verde.  In the freezer, I had discovered what I believed was a bag of roasted chiles but they turned out to be roasted red sweet peppers.  So we ended up using them for in place of the yellow bell pepper and we used canned chiles for that part - I also grilled the tomatillos to char and soften them a little.  We started with only three quarts of chicken broth knowing we could add more as needed.

Salsa Verde - adapted from


    • 3 quarts chicken broth - homemade
    • 3 lbs fresh tomatillos, husks removed and grilled to char and soften, remove to a bowl
    • 2 large yellow onions
    • 6 cloves garlic, minced
    • 1 tablespoon sea salt
    • fresh ground pepper, to taste
    • 1 tablespoon ground cumin
    • 1 can with 5 whole chiles and one small canned diced green chiles, with liquid
    • 2 fresh jalapeno peppers, chopped with seeds
    • 2 roasted red peppers from the freezer
    • 1 cup cilantro leaf, coarsely chopped
    • Directions

      1. In a large stock pot over high heat bring the chicken broth to a simmer and add the onion, garlic, peppers, cumin, S&P.  Cook until veggies are soft - about 30 minutes.
      2. While this is cooking, grill the tomatillos until charred a little and softened, remove to a bowl
      3. Add the tomatillos with bowl liquid, canned chilles with liquid, and cilantro to the blender and puree.
      4. Empty blender and puree the vegetables and broth from the pan.
      5. Add everything back to the pot, adjust seasonings and thickness (add more broth or cook down to get desired).  We liked it as it was and pronounced it ready to eat.

The sauce turned out to be very good but some of the meat in the chile verde tasted a little old - so no post about it.  While we used canned chiles, I believe roasting the tomatillos and using the roasted red peppers got plenty of that flavor into the mix.  And while the chile verde was just okay, what was very good were the burritos Bev made for breakfast from the salsa verde.  The first one was stuffed with sausage, eggs, and refried beans and the one below with smoked chicken, eggs, and hash browns.  I hadn't decided if I was going to post about the salsa until this burrito got delivered to me.

It was delicious and of course the star was the salsa verde - the red peppers took away from the brighter green color.  Since this batch turned out so good, I can imagine how good it will be when we have some good roasted Hatch chiles - hopefully picked up when we visit CO this year.  The rest of this salsa batch will go into the freezer for the next time we need a verde fix.

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6/12/15 meal date


  1. Looks amazing!!!!! I love Mexican food - must try this soon!

  2. Larry, Another nice job of using what you had on hand. The breakfast burrito looks great...either version using the original recipe would work for me! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. They'll be roasting some peppers just for you Larry! That smothered burrito made me instantly hungry. Love that kind of food.

  4. My goodness, now that you say that you don't have a BBQ biz anymore, I think you need to have a Mexican/Tex-Mex/Southwestern eatery! Holy Moly, Larry! YUM!

  5. I need to make more salsa verde. I've only done it a few times and we liked it. The breakfast burrito looks and sounds amazing!

  6. I can't imagine consolidating to one freezer. But you got one dandy of a meal out of it!

  7. Sounds like a wonderful meal , love using up leftovers too.
    We downsized over the years from 7 freezers when I had my restaurant to 3 in our house to finally just the fridge freezer in our coach over 9 years ago. Not much chance of getting freezer burn now.

  8. Oh yum! Love that smothered cheesy burrito!

  9. Yum, what a great thing to make for gifts, looks amazing!

  10. This sounds so good! I love all the flavors in Southwest/Mexican food!

  11. Sounds like a really tasty breakfast! I do love chili verde...using it in a breakfast burrito was a great idea!

  12. I love salse verde even more than tomato salsa these days. If you want a smoother texture, blend in an avocado. I tried that after a Mexican friend told us about it and it was crazy good. I haven't tried much chili verde yet, I need to try it.


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