Sunday, April 5, 2015

Homemade Beef Stock & Blogger Party Update

Well, I finally have something to post about.

We like to use homemade stocks when we can so when our neighbor offered us some beef bones we snapped them up.  I forgot to weigh the bones but this is the process I used.

1. Add the bones in a single layer, to a pan (12” cast iron skillet for me) and roast in a 400F oven for one hour.

2. Add the following to the pan and roast for another 30 minutes:
      3 carrots in 3” pieces
      3 celery stalks in 3” pieces
      1 large onion, quartered (or two small ones)
      1 garlic clove cut in half crosswise

3.Since the bones had some fat to start with, I had too much grease in the bottom of my skillet to deglaze and make the stock in it (without extra work), so I added everything to a stock pot, covered them with three quarts of hot water, added a lid, and simmered until the next morning (I added an additional quart of water at bedtime).
4. Using a slotted spoon, I removed as much of the solids to a bowl as I could then strained the stock, ending up with two quarts.
5. To get back to three quarts, I used the sink hose to spray the solids in the bowl and poured it through the strainer into the stock.
6. After cooling, it went into the fridge for the night to solidify the fat.

7. I used a spoon to remove the thin layer of fat and we ended up with three quart bags of very tasty stock for the freezer.

1. Roasting is not a requirement but we like the extra richness it delivers.  We often make chicken stock without roasting.
2. While it sounds like a long process, it’s probably only about an hour’s work divided over a couple of days.
3. Sometimes we make it without the veggies, especially when we don’t roast the bones.  While I think the terms are interchangeable, I call the one with veggies "stock" and the other one "broth", that way I know what I’m using – this one will be labeled as “Roasted Beef Stock.”

Looks almost as good as the kind from a box doesn't it.  We then gave the bones back to the same neighbor for her dogs - too big for our guys mouths.

Blogger Party Update
As a follow up to the previous post, the 2015 rendition of our East Tennessee Blogger Party will be as follows:

Date: May 24
Time: 1:30pm
Place: Almost Heaven South, Greenback, TN
Theme: Tapas Party

We would love to have some first time attendees and if you plan to come, please let me know by May 1, via email at

Any additional info will be sent to the attendees in mid-May.

Please feel free to post this on your blog to increase our distribution.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


4/4-4/5/2015 event dates


  1. Love your stock! Would love to attend your party someday, but the timing is always off. Will enjoy through your photos of great friends and great food.

  2. Larry, Welcome back! Those were some fine looking beef bones for you to work with... I'll make sure and publicize the Blogger Party on my blog site. Its a great event! See ya'll on Tuesday. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. Welcome back Larry! I've missed you. Your stock looks better than bought and what a treat to have it in the freezer. This will be the first blogger party we've missed and I know it will be a great event from past experience.
    Hope you & Beverly had a great Easter weekend.

  4. Nothing quite like homemade soup stock, and you know exactly whats in it too. So easy to make.

  5. Great looking stock Larry and I'm sure it is 10 times better than the boxed version. We will miss the party this year for the first time in a long time. But I encourage any newbies to attend. You won't be disappointed! These people know how to throw a party.

  6. I've never made my own beef stock. I love that you roasted the bones - I bet that added a great depth of flavor.

  7. It took some work to get this beef stock, but it definitely looks worthwhile. I'll bet you'll get some yummy meals using this,

  8. I know your stock is much better than what comes in a box. It is all natural without preservatives.

  9. Would that I had the time or energy to make such great stock. All I can say is, "But I had to send those bones home with the visiting dogs! Honest!"

  10. Why can't I live closer? You are going to have a blast once again. And a tapas party?! LOVE that so much. Can't wait to hear all about it and see the pics!

  11. It looks way better than store bought! Lucky you to have such nice neighbors. Have a wonderful week!

  12. A good stock is hard to beat. I always knew that you were a trend setting hipster. Lately in the Bay Area trendy restaurants have been making a big deal about making stock with high quality ingredients and touting it as the new trending food find.

  13. Great idea on roasting the veggies first, Larry. I do that for stews but hadn't thought about it for stock. Hope you are getting out and about this weekend, glorious weather, isn't it?

  14. So many delicious ways to use that wonderful stock! So worth the effort and what great neighbors!

  15. So glad to see you back in the blogging mode, Larry. I totally understand! Life either gets in the way, or saves us from blogging constantly, or BOTH. HA! I've been so busy too! Like you, I love making homemade broth, but have not tried beef stock yet. When I try it, I'll use your recipe and methods. Not sure if I can make it to the blogger party; but I'm seriously doing some thinking about it. My daughter in Knoxville has just discovered that she is preggie with triplets, so our visits to TN will certainly increase throughout the years! How was Bev's trip to St. Maarten?

  16. Whenever I can find the time, I love to make homemade stocks. I've always just boiled bones/veggies. Roasting first most definitely would add more flavor. Thanks for this post Larry. Snow on the Ranch this morning..... Springtime in the Rockies. :)

  17. That stock with the veggies sounds great, Larry! You are the lucky one with good neighbors like that! And I can imagine a lot of good uses for the stock.

  18. Looks and tastes a million times better than any box broth!


  19. Nice stock. I like to add ginger and sweet corn when making stock or broth, it's always good. :)


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