Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Pork Ribs Cooked In an Oven- My First Ever

As a long time BBQer, I’ve never cooked pork ribs anywhere but in a smoker but since I don’t have a functioning smoker and using the grill, which has a smoke box, in too cumbersome while walking with a cane, the oven was the only choice.  I also didn’t have any rib rub so I made up a batch of Mike Mills Magic Dust using half of this recipe  and using smoked paprika to replace the smoke from the cooker.

Magic Dust

½ cup paprika (Larry used smoked paprika)
¼ cup kosher salt
¼ cup sugar
2 Tbsps. mustard powder
¼ cup chili powder
¼ cup ground cumin
2 Tbsps. ground black pepper
¼ cup granulated garlic
2 Tbsps. Cayenne (Larry omitted)

Mix all ingredients and store in tightly covered container. To make it hotter, increase mustard powder and black pepper to ½ cup each.

To prep the ribs, I just removed the membrane from the back and gave them a generous coating of Magic Dust.

I set the oven on full convection at a temperature of 235F and cooked them uncovered for three hours then covered with foil for 2 hours and finally cranked up the temp for the last ½ hour to get them done.  I gave the tops a coat on Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce and served them sided with slaw and doctored pork and beans.

I thought the flavor was good but the convection oven dried out the tops a little, but they were not bad for a first try.

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  1. They look good and so do the beans. I've made ribs in the oven forever, better on the grill, but good in the oven with onion slices and lemon slices spread over the ribs and sauce. A recipe from the old Better Homes and Garden cookbook. We loved them, but haven't made them for a while so after seeing this I will though.

  2. Here's the recipe: https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/fl-xpm-1988-10-12-8802290270-story.html

  3. Larry, Those ribs look pretty good! Nice glaze on them...great color. We've done pork steaks in the oven but the glaze on your ribs is better than ours on the pork steaks. Maybe the convection oven makes a difference. Haven't tried ribs in the oven yet...but our Weber Grill is dead so we may have to give it a go too. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. I never saw meat look so gorgeous done in the oven! WOWZER!

  5. Darn you! Now I'm craving ribs. They look delicious Larry. I've always been pleased with the recipe I use for oven ribs.

  6. I love baking my ribs and I like to use the regular oven setting instead of convection. I think yours look terrific!!


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