Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Another Bratwurst Meal – Yeah I Know

Bev has been doing some serious freezer diving lately and came up with another package of brats and this time from Kamps Meat Market in OKC, OK.  She suggested our usual of brats with peppers and onions on a roll but I wanted to do something a little different so I made a dish that included some potatoes and cheese as follows:

4 bratwurst links (six would have been better)
5 medium red potatoes – par boiled and medium dice
1 green bell pepper, ¾” squares
1 ripe bell pepper (we used red), ¾” squares
1 large onion or two medium, 3/8” slice and halved
8 cheese slices (5 hot pepper jack and 3 American for us)
Lawrey’s Season Salt (to taste) & pepper

1. Simmer the brats in water seasoned with Lawrey’s and black pepper for about 25 minutes, cool a little, then slice into ½” thick rounds.
2. Coat the bottom of a large skillet with olive oil, heat to shimmering, add potatoes, and cook until browned on several sides.
3. Remove potatoes to a dish, add brats and brown on both flat sides.  Remove and add to potatoes.
4. Add peppers and onions to skillet along with more oil as needed.  Cook until just getting soft and return potatoes and brats to pan along with cheese – stir well.
5. Cook for a few minutes until cheese is completely melted, vegetables are cooked as desired, and everything is evenly distributed.
6. Plate and enjoy

I thought this meal was delicious especially for a quick throw together.  It could have used two more brats and, of course, you can use your favorite cheeses – I just used what we had on hand that would melt easily.  And to make it even better, the leftovers were reheated and topped with eggs for breakfast.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them and the blue words are links.

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5/17/18 Meal Date


  1. Sounds like another extra tasty str fry. So quick and easy.

  2. Larry, It does look like an over the top stir fry... What can I say? I would be happy with one or two of those brats on a nice bun with some jalapeno peppers. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. Delicious! You know what I am going to say, right? It would be absolutely perfect with a yolky egg on top.

  4. Of course the leftovers were reheated and topped with eggs for breakfast. What else would a self respecting Big Dude do with leftover brats?

  5. Sounds like the perfect meal to me and especially great for campfire cooking! Have a nice long weekend Larry - happy grilling!

  6. Wish I had some of this for dinner tonight.

  7. I've never thought to put Lawry's in the cooking water. How much do you use?

    1. I just gave it a few shakes but didn't measure it.


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