Sunday, April 15, 2018

RVing With Our Kids – Sevierville

We were headed to a club rally on April 14 and as it turned out our son, Rhett, and his family (less college student Madison) were headed to Sevier County for their annual participation in an ROTC fundraising 13K walk.  Since we see very little of our kids who live away, we decided it would be a good opportunity for a meet up and to camp together for the first time, so we just left a few days early for the rally, then we passed within three miles of home to get to the rally from Sevierville. 

Rather than the Walkers usual Gatlinburg campground (too tight for us), we agreed to meet at one of our favorite spots, River Plantation RV Resort between Sevierville and Pigeon Forge, and were able to get sites on the river – I heroed with Bev here.  While they bill themselves as a resort, the gravel sites, lack of full campground wifi, general grounds condition, etc get River Plantation a rating of a nice RV park from me, but it is still our go-to place in the area.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Free Stuff

Hi blogger buddies – I’ve been trying to find homes for items we no longer use and all of these are like new.  Since they are food items, thought I would offer them to you first for free if you’ll pay the shipping.

First is a food grinder and stuffing tips that attaches to a Kitchen Aid mixer.

Second is a grain mill that attaches to a Kitchen Aid mixer and it also includes a counter mounted stand that allows it to be used manually.

If you are interested in them for your own use (not resale), send me an email with your name and shipping address and we’ll work out the shipping cost.


Friday, April 6, 2018

Easter At Almost Heaven South

Bev decided she wanted to cook turkey breasts for Easter dinner and as we discussed cooking and serving options she said “ let’s have Kentucky Hot Browns” to which I heartily agreed – not quite your classic holiday meal.  If you are not familiar, a hot brown is basically an open faced, hot turkey sandwich with cheese sauce rather than gravy plus some other stuff.  We’ve made them several times but opted for a little difference this time, especially after seeing the original made at the Brown Hotel (on TV), reading several recipes on line, and trying a different version at a restaurant.  The biggest difference in the various versions appears to be in how they are assembled.  Here is a shot from the Brown Hotel’s version where they were invented.

Monday, April 2, 2018

Southwestern Night At Our Place

We had a couple of friends over for supper and since I have been wanting to make Tex-Mex we offered them that option and they readily agreed with a menu of fajitas.  My thought was this would be simple as all we needed to do was grill some meat and vegetables but boy was I wrong and in hindsight I wish we had gone with a pan of enchiladas or similar one pan dish.

Bev and table before any arrivals - note the amaryllis on the table.  The wooden holders are for the cast iron plates