Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Mt. Airy, NC Rally – Part 2

Wednesday was Mt Airy day for our rally group where we spent the day downtown seeing the sites and having lunch.  Like many older manufacturing towns, Mt. Airy has become a tourist destination themed around Mayberry and it seems to be prospering with lots of newer places south of town (Walmart, fast food, restaurants, car dealers, etc – most towns seem to have this area).  The historic downtown, basically one street and about four blocks long, also seemed to be doing well and while one place was having a “going out of business” sale, all of the buildings were occupied by a shop or restaurant, such as Barney’s café and Floyd's Barber Shop.

Town tours are offered in an old police car similar to the one on the Andy Griffith Show.

Unfortunately one of them broke down where we were standing and it is waiting to be rescued by a second car. 

Since the tours are offered by Wally's Garage on the edge of town, I assume Gomer or Goober came out later to get it running.

After an hour of looking around town, we headed to Snappy Lunch for our midday meal.  

Snappy’s is a staple in Mt. Airy having been in business since the 1920’s and changing very little over the years.  They have a modest menu of very reasonably priced food items with the $4.05 pork chop sandwich being the house specialty – Bev and I both had one.  The sandwich comes with no sides unless you order chips and it arrived wrapped it wax paper to serve as our plate.  

One way to keep your cost down is very few dishes to wash - since we all ordered sandwiches, there were no plates or silverware and the drinks were in Styrofoam cups, so no dishes to wash from our group of eight. 

After lunch, I went back to the RV to check on the dogs while Bev plied the streets for a couple of more hours, coming home with only a two of small bags – again good for me.

That night we drove down to Dobson (about 8 miles) for dinner at The Depot At CodyCreek, which was very nice and seemed to be an event center in addition to a very large restaurant.  We drove thru the main gate, around the one lane winding road, and across the covered bridge before arriving at the restaurant - they even have a wedding chapel.

The restaurant is as impressive inside as the grounds are outside 

A variety of meals were ordered and the consensus was that they were mediocre at best and the fried shrimp was even pretty bad.  Oh well, at the least the place looked great.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


6/21/17 Event Date


  1. Looks like another fun day , and Snappy Lunch sire looks like a real gem, Nothing quite like a pork sandwich

  2. Love those pork chop sandwiches. Too bad about dinner though. Such a beautiful setting the food should be fantastic.

  3. Larry, Thanks for the tour of Mt. Airy...another relatively close place that we haven't visited. I 'get' a pork chop sandwich although I'm not sure I'd want slaw on it. What was that other mystery meat on top of the pork chop? Was that mustard or cheese on the bottom? As for the fancy joint, once again it proves that you can't judge a book by its cover. Take Care, Dave

  4. I would be all over that pork chop sandwich.

  5. I love small towns but hate seeing ones devastated by evaporating industries (coal, textile, etc). That pork sandwich looks killer, especially at that price, wow!

  6. Looks like a great trip. It's always fun to find a nice place like that which isn't too far from home.

  7. This is a great place, it’s superb that the people from Los Angeles venues recognize that the holiday party is the time to celebrate not only the year’s achievements, but the talent and teamwork that made those achievements possible.

  8. I'd like to know more about that poem chop sandwich. What was on it?

  9. What a fun trip down memory lane - and I would want to take a ride in that police car - how fun! Great review, terrific shots and the pork chop sandwich looks pretty great.

  10. What a cute town... I love that they do tours in those old cars. The pork chop sandwich looked tasty. The other restaurant looked neat - it's too bad their food wasn't good.

  11. SOOOO fun!!! Love the Andy Griffith Show!


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