Sunday, June 11, 2017

Finally, A New Grill

Many years ago, we bought the Home Depot version of a Ducane grill, which at the time had a reputation for making pretty high end grills.  Of course some corners were cut on the Home Depot version, which was less than half the cost of the normal Ducane.  We used it for at least 10 years and put new burners in it twice, but it now won’t stay lit and I’m not working on it anymore.

Bev’s view on grills is buy a cheaper one, toss it when it quits working and rusts out, then buy a new one, which is what we have been doing up until now.  But this time, I decided to spend some of the kids inheritance and I got a Weber Summit which is not a real high-end grill but well above our normal.  With the 10 year warranty on most parts, it will hopefully be the last grill we have to buy.

Since I could not find this model at one of our big box stores, I bought it from Amazon for less than the list price and with no shipping cost – I’m one of those online shoppers whose behavior is unfortunately resulting is the closure of many brick and mortar stores.  I had to spend about an hour installing the side shelves and a few more parts to end up with this, including many of my fingerprints.

It has some bells and whistles, such as lighted burner control knobs and a lid-handle mounted light, that I don’t really need but I like that there is a place to store the rotisserie items and the motor is always installed on a flip up mount.  It also has a searing area and a smoker box which will allow some bbqing without using my big smoker.

I have fired it up using a normal propane bottle and now I just need to put it in place on the patio, hook it to our home’s propane system, and commence to cooking.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. That beautiful grill just would not fit in our Bungalow. So we'll just have to figure out how to visit you so you can cook for us.

  2. Larry, Very classy and definitely upscale! It's a Mercedes compared to my Chevy Malibu Weber... I never thought about buying a grill from Amazon... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. Now that is a nice grill!! I want to get one of those rotisserie kits, do they work good?

    1. The rotisserie on our previous grill worked great so I'm hopeful this one will as well.

  4. You have bought and awesome grill and am sure you will love it. My Sol bought one after a few cheap ones and he is delighted with their.
    Our Weber Q 100 is about 7 years old and as you know use it most everyday day, fit's in out RV and just keeps on working , no repairs at all. light and burner still work perfectly. I am sure you will be glad you made the investment. I believe you get what you pay for. Have too much fun.

  5. With those 2 giant side wings, that grill looks almost like a rocket ship! I hope you enjoy it.

  6. It looks so fancy & shiny. I have a feeling you are going to have fun breaking it in. Congrats!

  7. What a beauty! Looks like a great grill, Larry and I bet it will cook some fantastic steaks and ribs! Bill got a new grill last year, one side for charcoal, another for gas and a smoker on the side. Charcoal grill is still my fave! Yours looks like it takes up a lot of room also. Happy Grilling!!!

  8. We were so glad we bought a new grill this year. Enjoying it very much as I know you will too! Have a happy Father's Day Larry!

  9. It's a beauty! We had to get a new grill recipe and bought the Weber Spirit which is smaller but a good size for us. Love it!

  10. The gas grill is so beauty! why not try charcoal grill that is also good !!

  11. Congrats on that new grill. I happen to love the convenience of Amazon shopping too. They just bought Whole Foods, we'll see where the Amazon food shopping experience sends us.

  12. That is an amazing grill set up! I can see some amazing food in your future this grill season!


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