Monday, August 31, 2015

2015 Western Trip – Day 27 – Onward to Anacortes

We had a nice little 175 mile drive from Ellensburg over to Anacortes, thru the Cascades then up north of Seattle.  We just drove, I-90 to I-405, then I-5 to the turnoff to Anacortes on WA-20.  The drive thru the mountains was beautiful and as expected, traffic in the Seattle area was fairly heavy – no shots of the trip.

We arrived at Fidalgo Bay Resort early afternoon and after an unusual route thru the campground to our site, we got set up and relaxed.  The campground is owned by the Samish Indian Nation but unlike many tribes they don’t have a reservation as does the Swinomish Tribe just south of here.  The campground is divided into two parts with one closer to the water and the front row ones have a nice view.

The amenities of the resort all worked well but the sites were much closer together than we like and as they seemed on their map.  Since we spend very little time looking out the front window we opted for a less expensive site ($34/day) in the West Park, #178.  While there were several in the campground, this place is pretty cramped for big rigs. 

This site was okay for our five days (we're in the middle on the left above), but for a longer stay I would want one of the larger sites, but they are significantly more expensive ($62/day for the water front).

Remember that good beer I bragged about in the last post - unfortunately, the day before we left Ellensburg, I had a gout flare up (almost surely brought on by the beer).  I made the drive okay but putting walking pressure on my left ankle felt like it was broken in about six places.  More on this later.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. Sorry to hear about the gout. That's some painful stuff. Yep, bigger sites are definitely better for your coach.

  2. Hope you get over the gout, I am lucky have never had it and I do drink my fair share of beer.

  3. So sorry about the gout - hope it is much better now. The campsite does look a little "full" but the scenery looks wonderful. Safe travels!

  4. My dad suffered from gout and I remember how painful it was for him. Sure hope you are feeling better. I'm so far behind on blogs because of no internet but it sounds like the trip is going pretty good. We'll be in Helena today.

  5. Larry, Gout! Not my favorite thing either... The pain is nasty and debilitating. Beer can be a problem but red wine is my big issue when it comes to my gout. Well, you've made it out of the smoke and fire area and now you can begin checking out the coast line. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. One of my favorite parts of the country. We've been to Anacortes and taken ferry's to many of the other islands. I've been following along, without much time to comment. My mom passed away last week. Just back and getting back to normal.

  7. Those sites are pretty close together. I, like you, love more space in between rigs!

    Sorry to hear about the gout. It's a bummer that the beer is the cause because we have damn great beer in the PNW!


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