Thursday, August 13, 2015

2015 Western Trip – Day 13 – Breakfast & The Museum

Our plan was to drive the Beartooth Hwy on day 13 but decided to wait a day due to storms in the area – would never have thought rain would impact our plans in this low precipitation area.   So we started the day with breakfast at the Sunset House right next to the campground where I had a biscuit topped with scrambled egg then fried chicken breast and finally sausage gravy , Pat had the cinnamon bun French toast, and Bev had a green chile burrito.

Other than a little too much caramel sauce on the French toast, everything was very good.

Even though I’m not a big museum visitor, I thought I could not be in Cody, WY without visiting the Buffalo Bill Center Of The West – the girls had no such concerns so they dropped me off and went shopping.  If you are a museum fan and like the history of the West, you would likely love a visit here as it is a first class and informative place.  It is actually five different museums under one roof and the two I spent my time in were the Buffalo Bill Museum and the Plains Indian Museum with just a little time in the Cody Firearms Museum.

I took several shots but will only show a few and many more on available on line.

These are from the Plains Indian Museum - before they had horses, they used dogs to carry their goods.

From the Buffalo Bill Museum, these shots are of a western dwelling and Buffalo Bill's traveling tent.

At his peak, Buffalo Bill was the most well known person in the world.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


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  1. That Museum looks like a fun place to explore and learn a bit more about history of the west.

  2. The breakfast burrito has me drooling! I love going to museums... it looks like this one was a good one.

  3. Wow! I have never been to of these days it must happen! I could sit down to that gorgeous burrito! I do believe I will miss out on connecting with you when you are in Oregon. Since my mom fell and broke her hip, I wont be able to be gone for as long as I had planned. Things are kind of topsy turvy at the moment. :-(

  4. I'm glad everyone got to do what they wanted to do :) The museum does look interesting and I love Buffalo Bill's tent with that antler chair and table!

  5. How much better can it get than a big comforting breakfast and a visit to Wild Bill Cody's museum. I wouldn't have wanted to miss the museum either.

  6. Bev kinda has a thing for green chiles, doesn't she? Not that I blame her, I love those things.

  7. What a mess it was between WY and Colorado and Buffalo Bill! We saw where he was buried in Lookout Mt, Golden, CO and it was as close to heaven as you can get. This museum sounds interesting and something to see. Love the history, thanks!

  8. Larry, Any of those breakfasts look good to me! Laurie would say that you can never have too much caramel... Looks like a very interesting museum. Between it and the restaurant, you've helped us with another trip plan! Went fishing on the dock. All is well but I'm glad that we don't have to rely on what I caught to eat! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  9. When you return, are you going via Cheyenne? They have a great transportation museum in Frontier Park. I think you'd like it. Looks like you guys are having a marvelous trip.

  10. I'm not surprised you ran into rain. We've had ton this summer.


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