Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Blogger Party 2014 – Let’s Eat

The 2014 version of our blogger party is now in the books and it seemed to be a big hit – I’m sure I had a good time.  This year’s event took place on June 7, 2014 at our "Almost Heaven South" dock on Tellico Lake with 23 folks attending.  With the theme of an East Tennessee Italian Fest and the menu built around a pasta bar, we decided to also eat it European style with several courses spread out over the afternoon. 

I didn’t even take my camera to the dock so I’m in hopes that those who did will do a post on the event and the dishes they provided.  David & Laurie sent me their shots so I’ll use them here.

We began visiting and eating a little after 1pm with appetizers of Frutta di Mare - Cold Seafood Salad (Stu & Sandy Hoffer), pizzas cooked on a ceramic cooker (John & Anna Mae Makela), and antipasto salad (Dave Scott & Larry - mostly Dave with a separate post coming).

Course #2 was composed of Chicken Marbella (Meakin & Sam Hofer – My Carolina Kitchen), linguini with Alfredo Sauce (Laurie & David Myers – Big Daddy Dave), linguini with Spicy Tuscan Sausage Ragu (David & Penny Klett – Lake Lure Cottage Kitchen), and Meatballs (Nancy & Ron Cardwell).

Course #3 contained penne pasta and elbow macaroni (purchased in error) with four sauces – Cold Tomato Pasta Sauce (Stu & Sandy Hofer), Puttanesca Sauce (Alexis & Chris Grove – Nibble Me This), Walnut & Sage Butter Sauce (Jackie & Dave Scott – Inspired By eRecipe Cards), and Bolognese Sauce (Bev & I).

Course #4 was desserts and they were Italian Crème Cake (Pat & Steve Lafon) and Strawberry Tiramisu (Penny & David Klett) - no shot of it.

We had an assortment of drinks including Italian Campari Orange Spritzer, margaritas and a couple of other concoctions that I missed out on.

I thought everything was delicious and when Bev asked about my favorite, I couldn’t pick one.  I wasn’t looking at the clock but would guess the meal took us around 5 hours to complete and I’m pretty sure no one left hungry.  Most folks stayed until around dark but a hard core group lasted until around 11pm – we wanted to make sure no one tried to steal the leftovers and there were no half empty bottles of wine remaining.  Please tune in to the blog’s mentioned above as I‘m confident some photos will show up.

Not only was the food delicious but we had a great opportunity for fellow bloggers and friends to get to now each other better. 

I’m sure you can tell by just looking that we had a fine array of excellent food and we so appreciate all that was done by everyone to make the day a success - thanks to some discussions, a theme already seems to be developing for next year.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South

6/7/14 event dates


  1. Now that was a feast, sounds like everyone had a really great time .

  2. Again another great party Larry. As soon as the food was put out, it disappeared it was so good. Fabulous photos that captured the day perfectly.

  3. Just incredible. I can't even imagine being able to fix meals like that. I can fix a hot dog though. lol

  4. What a fabulous feast! I so wish that I could have been there. One of these years! :)

  5. What a fun filled and TASTY day! Everything looks so delicious. Another successful blogger party!

  6. Absolutely looks like "almost heaven!" What a great extravaganza. Congratulations on another successful blogger party :)

  7. Larry, Laurie and I sure had a great time! Great food and great folks to party and eat with... Glad you were able to use my photos... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  8. That many great cooks in one do enjoy yourselves appropriately. Everything looks great.

  9. The party sounds like it was a delicious success! What a great time and hopefully, we'll get to see more pictures of the attendees also.

  10. Sounds like it was a fun time with lots of good food!

  11. Wow----what a great combination of all kinds of food.... I'm sure I'd gain 10 pounds if I had have been there... Not much low calorie stuff, huh????? The Italian Creme Cake made my mouth water... Leave it up to me to stop (or start) with the desserts.... ha ha

    Glad you all had a great time..

  12. Yum.....what a fabulous assortment of deliciousness. Sounds like a fun time. We always enjoy our blogging get togethers!

  13. Oh my gosh, I am sorry I missed it!

  14. Oh God, that looks good!


  15. And I thought I misbehaved in California????? This feast makes me feel so much better about myself. :) I'm feeling sick to my stomach that I missed that Chicken Marbella and the Sausage Ragu. I need to go eat something -- quick. :)

  16. Oh yeah, it was a fantastic day. Great people, excellent food, and a beautiful day, who could ask for more? I have a million pictures to process through but will get a post up sometime this week.


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