Wednesday, June 12, 2013

RVing In Western North Carolina

After our maiden five night RV trip to Sevierville, Tn about 60 miles from home, we headed off to the mountains of southwestern NC for 10 nights.  This trip was anchored around being at Lake Junaluska so son Eric could have a place to bunk during the Annual Meeting of the United Methodist Holsten Conference (separate post coming).

Since we wanted to make a longer trip, we decided to spend six nights at the remodeled “TheGreat Outdoors RV Resort a few miles north of Franklin – Bev has wanted to come over for gem mining for several years - more later.  This is the entrance and registration/store/gift shop.

The resort is under new ownership by a businessman who seems committed to making it a first class place – he even stopped by our site the first night to welcome us and offer some beer from the Heinzelm√§nnchen Brewery in Sylva.  Unfortunately I had a glass of wine going, but committed to myself to pay them a visit - this was our site and a shot up and down the hill from us - note Bev wrangling the dogs.

The grounds were well maintained and there are several on-site work-campers who do everything from registration to shrub pruning and trash pick-up.  This is a great way for full time RVers to afford living on the road and I might consider it if I didn’t get more than I wanted of this type work at home.  This is the well groomed heated pool area. 

While it varies at different places depending upon site rates, at this resort, they work 40 or so hours/month in trade for their camping site with a minimum two months commitment.  One fellow we talked with was planning to leave here in September and work his way south to the Mobile, AL area for the winter - sounded like a pretty good life to me.

We had rain many nights while there and it was often foggy in the morning - this is the smoke coming off of the Smokies above the clubhouse/shower rooms - taken while sitting at our site.

I dog-watched one day while the girls went shopping and as you can see it was a pretty rough job.

We found this to be a great place to stay with good sites, everything worked, and the staff was very friendly and helpful - I picked up lots of tips from the work campers as many were full time RVers.  If in the Franklin area again, I will definitely stay here and would recommend it to any RVer.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. Looks like a great place to stay... very well kept.. and hey, they have a pool - when I was a kid that would have been all I needed to be happy!! lol

  2. it looks like you had your hands full watching those dogs. I got stressed just looking at the photo. :)

  3. Those dogs look like they were a real pain to babysit. :) It looks like a great place to stay.

  4. Larry, This is definitely an upscale RV park! Nice facilities and a nice setting. Looks like the puppies were wiped out after a tough day in new surroundings... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  5. Looks like a nice RV park.. As you know, we like that area of NC and know it well. We've been to many waterfalls in and around that area.

    Sounds like you enjoyed it.

  6. Marguerite of Cajun Delights sent me over, we are now full timing it for the fourth or fifth time, each time searching for a new place to live (and or work), now retired we sold our home in Florida and are thinking of Western North Carolina as a possible next residence, today we are near St. Simons Island in Coastal Georgia RV Resort in Brunswick, a new park so not much shade but with cable, wifi and a pool, was close to 100 yesterday and sweltering, can't wait to get up where you are.

    do they have wifi and cable at the sites at the park you are in?

  7. Very nice place Larry. We get fog in the mornings almost every day. I thought we would be able to sit on our screened porch in the early mornings and enjoy a cup of coffee. It didn't take long for me to discover that the fog made it was too damp to do that.

  8. Looks like a terrific place to stay...too bad about the rain.

  9. Larry, I'm just quickly jumping in to wish you a Happy Father's Day. Enjoy every moment of it.Blessings...Mary

  10. Sounds like a first class establishment! I tend to appreciate businesses that offer me adult beverages.


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