Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Enchiladas For Breakfast

As I mentioned in my post about enchilada suppers, I had some for breakfast as well – check out the previous post for how we ended up with the enchiladas.  Since we had none of Maria’s sauces for the first meal, Bev just topped them with salsa and pepper jack cheese prior to nuking then added a couple of poached eggs.

For breakfast meal two after we got the sauces, Bev added the red chile sauce to one end and the salsa verde to the other along with some cheddar cheese.

While shaped differently, it was similar to a rolled up Huevos Rancheros in taste.

I’d have a tough time choosing between the supper meal topped with lettuce and tomatoes or the breakfast meal topped with eggs so I’m looking forward to the next pan of enchiladas so I can continue experimenting.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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Mid-May, 2013 meal dates


  1. So in the world according to Larry, I believe the theory is... everything is better topped with an egg! (and don't forget the bacon!!)
    Actually, you might enjoy the latest copy of The Food Network Magazine (or maybe it was last months..can't remember now) - they highlighted 50 things that you can top with an egg... things I would have never considered like chili or hummus or cornbread!

  2. Larry, Now I must say that Jenn has come up with a challenge! I'm sure that there are a number of items in the Food Network Magazine that you have yet to top with an egg... On the other hand, I'll bet that you have 15 or 20 food items that you've topped with an egg that are not mentioned in that article!! I also can't believe that Jenn has never topped chili with an egg...that's just standard stuff, even for me. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. You have really done well with those enchiladas. Another first class breakfast.

  4. You are so brave to do all that experimenting! I love turning leftovers into a good breakfast with an egg on top. You and my husband would get along wonderfully!

  5. Bet they were good, Larry... I'll take mine without red chili sauce... Cannot imagine eating something that hot and spicy for breakfast... Mercy Me!!!!!

  6. Your header photo is off the chart, Larry. Everything looks absolutely scrumptious.

  7. Everything is better with a perfectly poached egg on top. I sure wish I had a plateful right now!

  8. One of my favorite meals when we visit Mexico is enchiladas with green sauce for breakfast. :)

  9. That's that egg again :) It all looks delicious!

  10. I wouldn't have a hard time at all choosing between the supper and this breakfast. I'll take the breakfast please.

  11. Bev is creative, I like her two sauce approach.


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