Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Our Little Trip To Paradise - Resort Again

The girls spent the day lying on the beach and after a nice little swim in the warm Caribbean waters, I hung around in the good breeze on the condo balcony.  Here are some a shots of the resort and the bay from down at the beach.

Bev and Pat had had good experiences at the resort’s restaurant so we opted for it after going across the street to Lee’s Grill the previous night - this the restaurant and the bay from the back of the restaurant 

Bev and Pat split the Cabana Fisherman Platter which included mahi mahi, shrimp, scallops, and calamari and they split a salad.

I had just commented on Cowgirl Jeanie’s blog that I didn’t care for fried calamari but I really liked it and even more surprisingly the girls liked it.

I started with a bowl of delicious Conch Chowder which was slightly sweetened with the addition of corn.

Then I had the stuffed grouper with garlic cream sauce, rice, and vegetable medley.

The sauce somewhat overwhelmed the fish, but the combo was a terrific flavor in my mouth and this will be going onto the try-to-make-at-home list.  The rice was pretty good as it was cooked in a flavored broth but as my least favorite starch, I left most of it to save room for the big surprise. 

I rarely eat the veggies I get in American restaurants as they are nearly always bland and almost raw.  These were perfectly cooked to almost tender in a garlic butter sauce and I loved them.  Maybe the biggest surprise of the meal was they try to provide you with properly seasoned food and I didn’t pick up the salt shaker.  I believe I could eat there every night.

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  1. Conch chowder? One of my favs. Looking at the picture it appears it has cream. The only conch chowder I've ever had was tomato based and no corn or cream. Interesting...

  2. What a beautiful vista!! Enjoy.

  3. Oh YUM!! I'd like one of everything.. and you can just put the garlic cream sauce in a bowl. I'll drink it that way!! lol

  4. Wonderful, properly seasoned fresh food and the choice of swimming in the pool or the ocean - sounds like my holiday dream.

    I'm glad you're all having a good time.

  5. That's one delicious vacation you're on!

  6. You can pass that calamari my direction, I like it fried! Beautiful place you're at Larry. Enjoy all that tropical food.

  7. What a great time to go on vacation. I have never been to the Caribbean but hope to go there some day soon.

  8. Larry, Conch, grouper, fried calamari, the sea, the sand, a nice resort, a beautiful island, the company of 2 special ladies...what more could a person wish for! Sounds like you guys were having a great time. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave & Laurie

  9. I can see why Bev and Pat like that resort -- the setting is beautiful. Both of the restaurant meals look delicious. What more could you ask for -- great food and beautiful scenery?

  10. Hi Larry, Wow--what a beautiful place --and restaurant... Looks like heaven to me.

    We go to the beach (North Carolina) in May --and keep going back every year. We have our favorite seafood restaurants there --so we always know where we are going each evening for dinner...

  11. The food looked wonderful even though I don't eat seafood. lol I always think it looks good but I've never tried it. Crazy I know! lol

  12. Beautiful place and the food looks fabulous! What a great getaway!


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