Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Little Trip To Paradise – Dinner In Marigot

One of the things that Bev and Pat like to do is take the Calypso Dinner Cruise (water taxi) up to Marigot, the French side capital, and dine at a small French restaurant on the water.  We went with an Aqua Mania Adventures tour and these are some of the shots I took along the way beginning with a shot from Simpson Bay looking back at the resort then as we crossed Simpson Bay Lagoon and pulled into Marigot.  Like most in the Carribean, the island is very mountainous and I think Bev said they have the most boats moored here of any island in the Carribean.

Note the spinning windmill for power on this next one.

This is the govenor's residence for the French side.

Coming into marigot harbor.

The La Petit Auberge restaurant from the boat.

All ashore.

We had a choice of two salads, three meats, and three desserts which we selected before the boat left the resort.  I had the Auberge salad, mahi mahi with veggies, rice and mashed sweet potato and mango sorbet and Bev had the same with chocolate cake.

Kathy had the pork chop with veggies, small potatoes, and mashed sweet potatoes.

And Pat had the chicken breast with veggies, pasta, and mashed sweet potatoes (they seem to be popular here – maybe because they ship and store well).

For a group meal the food was pretty good, especially the salad, and note all meats had a sauce on them – big surprise for a French restaurant.  My favorite time on the lake at home is after dark, so I really enjoyed the ride back with all of the lit-up sailboat masts.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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4/12/12 meal date


  1. What a splendid place for a vacation. I clicked to make the photos larger and enjoyed them even more. Loved all of the big sailboats with their tall masts and the fancy cruisers. A very chic place to keep a boat. I too would have enjoyed the ride back in the dark with the boats lit up.

    Did you mention a French dinner? Count me in! Mahi mahi is one of my all time favorites and so much fun to catch yourself too. This might my favorite spot you visit Larry. Have room for two more? (smile)

  2. What a great place to vacation. Surely one of those big sailboats would look nice anchored to your dock? I've discovered two French restaurants here in Denver and they're starting to rival my favorite Mexican meals. Looks like you're having a grand time and thanks for taking the time to post all these photos.

  3. The pictures of the boats are wonderful! And the food... oh yes, the food. I'd love to have a bite of that mahi mahi!!

  4. What a wonderful adventure. I love visiting new places. What a breath of fresh air!

  5. Larry, The food does look pretty good...nicely plated for sure! I'm with you would have been all about the boat ride! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. What a nice trip to paradise indeed Larry - the food looks delicious too! Y'all are so blessed to be able to travel so much. All those boats remind me of home & those yachts you showed look like the ones my company used to have for taking the high rollers out on the Gulf. Every once in a while I got to go on it for some party or event. I'd nearly forgotten about that!

  7. whoa, those are some fancy looking skiffs, wouldn't mind having one of those smaller dingies, huh?
    looks like a nice way to work up an appetite... thanks for sharing...

  8. Very nice... I am going to the St Johns and St N=Marteen cruise soon and cant wait... this food looks spectacular! Enjoy!!!

  9. I had to catch up on what you've been up to! What a beautiful place for a vacation. I enjoyed seeing all the beautiful water and boat scenes and delicious food you enjoyed!

  10. I enjoyed looking at all of the sailboats and the beautiful yacht! Love the spinning windmill on the boat! A nice cruise for a great dinner! Looks delicious.

    I posted about the rub you recommended. We loved it....

  11. What a gorgeous vacation spot all won't want to come home. I've been catching up on your travels this week and I'm so jealous! Have a great time.

  12. Hi There, Loved catching up your blog posts from your trip... I laughed thinking about you and your 3 women....

    The boat trip must have been awesome, topped off with a great dinner. I'd love the Mahi Mahi.... YUM...

    Have a great weekend.

  13. All the pics were lovely as stated before. However, I have to say that Bev looks very svelte. How can that be with all this cooking and eating? Bev, what is your secret?

  14. Is that your new lake boat in the 3rd pic? ha ha

    Great sounding trip, Larry.


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