Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mushrooms - They're What's For Breakfast

Beginning on January 16 , Chris Grove did a series of mushroom posts on his Nibble Me This blog and he referenced Brewers Mushrooms in Sevierville, Tn.  Since we are big fans of schrooms, even growing some of our own, and I passed nearby on our way home from our trip to Gatlinburg, I arranged to stop by Brewers.

Even though they are closed for the winter, Hugh and Tammy invited us in, gave us a tour of what they are growing, answered questions about the schrooms I’m growing in my logs, and sold us a few pounds.  Click on the link above for their website which includes information about their CSA.

I came home with Shiitake, Lions Mane, three Oyster varieties - Bev met up with the SIL and stayed in Pigeon Forge.

We also came home with some new learnings such as the schooms can be sauteed and frozen for preservation and I need to soak my logs to make them produce better.

My first meal with them was breakfast (big surprise huh), using ingredients I had on hand.  The bread was still in Gatlinburg with Bev, but I had English Muffins and I knew the oysters were the oldest so I used mostly them with a few shitakis.

Normally I would make a scramble, but I decided to go with fried eggs.  After slicing, I sauteed the schrooms in butter with some green onion.

While they were cooking, I toasted the muffin and fried the eggs sunnyside up in a mold.  When all was done, I topped the muffin with the schrooms, sliced guyere cheese and the eggs - one bled out from under the ring mold.

It was delicious and would have been all star with a nice sauce over it - but I sure don't need the calories. 

For you blonds out there - again
Two blondes living in Oklahoma were sitting on a bench talking, and one blonde says to the other, 'Which do you think is farther away... Florida or the moon?' The other blonde turns and says 'Helloooooooooo, can you see Florida ?????'

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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2/16/12 meal date


  1. Just when I thought I had heard all of the blonde jokes, you've got another one. I can't say a word because I have more and more blonde moments as I get older.

    However what a great selection of mushrooms you have Larry. Bet they tasted fabulous with the guyere and egg on the muffin.

    PS - Thank you for not having that new "word thingy." It's now become very hard to prove you're not a robot.

  2. Ha...two blondes are the first to comment!! Good to know about freezing mushrooms, I always buy them and then somehow they don't get used and wallow away in my crisper.

  3. RE: that Florida thing: Makes sense to me! :)

    Ok, now about that breakfast. I love that last photo with the eggs. Wish I had that for breakfast this morning. Looks delicious Larry. Also, that's a great tip about the mushroom saute and freezing.

  4. Well I'm not a blonde, but I dyed my hair blonde back in the 90's!! lol Great joke!

    Love mushrooms, but unfortunately, Chris does not.. sure I can make them for myself, but I don't do it very often. This breakfast is definitely something I could get behind!!! YUM!

  5. Like Sam said, that robot thingy is getting real hard, I fail usually on the first two tries! I love mushrooms but the hubs does not, so when I eat out and am sure to get them on my plate. I lived near a mushroom farm while in collage and wow it smelled pretty ripe! But was sure got drive by there and get fresh mushrooms to bring home to my folks so we could have homemade cream of mushroom soup! Loving these blonde jokes, the older I get the more blonde I get- in hair color and brains.

  6. Great looking breakfast again Larry!
    I'm glad to know that mushrooms can be frozen after they are cooked, since I sometimes don't get to them very soon.
    I used to be blonde when I was young, but I appreciate the joke-so funny!

  7. I love mushrooms! Those look great! I am the only person here at the house that likes mushrooms at all. I would like to get a mushroom log but since I'm the only one who likes them it might not be worth it.

  8. I enjoyed the mushrooms you shared with me. I took them all, sliced them pretty thick (about 3/8"?), tossed them in a skillet with butter and garlic then hit them later with a little salt and pepper. Deglazed the pan at the end of two batches of mushrooms using a little white wine and tossed in a hint more garlic. Poured that over all the mushrooms, which we had with/on steak and green beans. They were delicious! I really liked the substantial, earthy flavor of the lion's mane mushroom. And shitakes are always good, right? The oysters were a nice flavor note in the mix, too. I think I'd have been ok just chowing on the mushrooms without the rest of the meal. So thanks for sharing! I'm trying to tell as many people as I can around here about Brewer's Mushrooms.

    I hope you, Bev and the dogs are staying warm and dry today. Love you!

  9. Hi Larry, Cute joke!!!!! ha ha

    I love mushrooms ---and always have mushrooms on my Saturday morning Veggie Omelet... (Well--my Veggie Omelet is now got ham on it ---so guess I can't call it a Veggie Omelet anymore... ha ha)

  10. I don't like mushrooms. It must be the texture, because I've hated them all of my life, before I even knew they were fungus. But I do love your blond jokes. I'll have to tell this one to my blond daughter (the lawyer). She'll laugh and pass it on.

  11. I love mushrooms, and this looks like a delicious breakfast.

  12. Oh boy Larry... you KNOW this has me drooling. Perfect breakfast!

    Another cute joke.

  13. I am seriously jealous of the mushrooms! This looks like my idea of the perfect meals.

  14. I'd take offense at all the blonde jokes except that thanks to aging, most of my hair has either darkened or fallen out, so I don't qualify as blonde anymore, ha ha.

    Glad you got to meet Hugh and Tammy. I love super fresh mushrooms like that and your breakfast looks wonderful, Larry!


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