Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Salmon Scramble

We just happened to have a few small pieces of salmon left from our grilled seafood dinner, while at Fort Bragg, and I decided it would make a good scramble.  I began by sautéing a green onion and when it had softened some I added the chopped salmon. 

When it was warm I added two eggs, beaten with a little cream, and a diced up slice of provolone cheese.

After plating I added some of the cold creamy parmesan dill sauce and stirred it into the eggs to melt.

If you like salmon and you like eggs, I have to believe you would enjoy this – I loved it.

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  1. I made Ina's salmon deviled eggs once and wasn't crazy about the combo. But for some reason this sounds great. That sauce just sounds so good.

  2. Next time I have some left-over salmon I'd love to try this. Unfortunately, my husband usually ends up eating it all!

  3. This is salmon with a twist and I'll have to try it. It sounds like a winner!

  4. Larry, this sounds delicious. I love the salmon and egg combo and the dill takes it over the top and me to Scandinavia. Have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

  5. You know I'd love this...as long as you replace salmon with chorizo, ha ha.

    Great scramble Larry.

  6. The perfect scramble in my eyes - the only thing missing is a little bacon!!!


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