Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Christmas Scramble

Earlier, it was our understanding that we would be spending Christmas pretty much alone this year and therefore we decided to do very little decorating, then the plans changed.  After our week of looking after the Walker girls at Ft. Bragg, we ended up bringing them home while their dad attended to some other requirements.  He wasn’t sure when he’d come in to pick them up until I advised we’d be serving smoked prime rib and he immediately said the deal was sealed and they would all be here for Christmas.

Having kids at Christmas put us in a whole new ball game and when we got home, my buddy Joe came over and we prunned (needed it badly) and cut the last Norway Spruce we’d been saving for a kids Christmas.  We'd planted several about 10 years ago for this use.  Here's the before and after.

After cutting it, we trimmed up the top and tied the two stems together, not too bad for a couple of old guys.

After pruning, we still had a tree that was nearly 10' tall and over 7' wide, which we had to get through a 3' door and trees that big have branches that don't bend that easily.  With me pulling and him pushing, we finally got it in the house and set on the stand and then Joe relaxed with his pup.

With some more prunning, it was ready to decorate.  I took a little more off the bottom after this shot.

Then we had to drag out the decorations and trim the tree - except for the top part, Bev and the kids did the decorating.  All of this for just one tree.

Considering the pine blob we started with, it turned out pretty good and now it looks more like Christmas around here.  As you can see, Bev likes to have an ornament on nearly every branch - sometimes two.

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  1. Having kids over at Christmas definitely makes it more fun and magical. :) you did a great job with that tree!

  2. lol.. John Grisham wrote a book called Skipping Christmas (they loosely based the movie Christmas with the Kranks from it) where the parents weren't going to do anything and then the kids decided to come home and they had a made scramble to get everything ready... it was a big mess - yours seems to turn out much better!! lol
    The tree looks absolutely gorgeous!

  3. I love that you planted a tree just for Christmas. It's beautiful. Have a wonderful Christmas with your family Larry and Bev.

  4. Having kids for Christmas makes it so much more special. Your tree turned out great and Bev knows how to decorate, that's for sure. What would you do without Joe? Be sure to say hello to him from us.

    At the last minute we changed our plans and came home for Christmas to be with my BIL and his family who just moved to NC from NY. He makes a fabulous standing rib roast, so I think it will be worth the drive. Glad to know your son thinks like we do. Great minds...

    Merry Christmas to you, Bev, Joe and your family.
    Sam & Meakin

  5. Laurie here...I too, think that it's a wonderful idea to plant Christmas trees for future use, if you have the space. Brilliant idea! You & Joe did a great job getting it cut, trimmed & put up & Bev & the girls, I'm sure, had a fun time decorating it! It's a beautiful tree! Plus, Rhett is a very smart young man to come home for Christmas dinner! Merry Christmas! See you all soon!

  6. Christmas is ALWAYS better when there are GRANDS involved! Merry Christmas. It is a beautiful tree. I too like at least one ornament per branch.

  7. Whew, that was quite the project! Your tree is beautiful, Larry,and I love all the ornaments. There can't be too many in my opinion.

  8. What a magnificent tree! Worth all that work for sure. Happy Christmas to you and Bev, and all of your family Larry!
    Robin Sue

  9. When I read the title of your post I thought I was in for another breakfast ;)

    How nice that you will have family for Christmas and thy will surely enjoy that beautiful, HUGE Christmas tree.

    Looks like Joe lost the pillow to his dog!

    Have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

  10. Christmas is more fun with kids around and how special to have a tree from your own place. You did a great job of pruning and Bevs decorations are beautiful.
    When I was a kid, my family lived in Colorado on a ranch and at Christmas time we'd go out in the pastures to find that perfect tree. Great memories.
    Merry Christmas Larry!

  11. A lovely tree, and I know it smells so good inside the house. Kids make Christmas...get the grandparents out of their routine and make it more meaningful. Enjoy your time.

  12. Wow---that is an incredible and HUGE tree... You all did a great job decorating the tree...Gorgeous!!

    Merry Christmas.

  13. What a great tree! Merry Christmas, Larry, Bev and family!

  14. What a nice Christmas surprise. We did minimal decorating here this year too, just too much going on.

    Looks like you did a fantastic job considering you weren't planning on doing it. Hope you guys have a wonderful day tomorrow. I've got my beef roast ready for tomorrow too.


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