Monday, November 28, 2011

Texas RV Trip - Supper With The Roden Girls

One of the reasons for coming to this part of the world for our RV trip is that daughter, Kathy, and grandkids Katelynn, Jennafer, and Lauren (named for me - Lawrence), live about an hour away in Shertz, Tx.  This location gives us easy access to them, San Antonio, Texas Hill Country, BBQ country, and the German communities.  After our trip to Lockhart and a late BBQ breakfast, we skipped lunch and met up the Kathy and the girls for supper.

When we were down this way a few years ago, we had stopped in Nacogdoches and ate at the Clear Springs Restaurant, where Bev proclaimed she had the best chicken fried steak ever.  We again stopped over in Nacogdoches with plans for a repeat performace, but learned the original of the five restaurants was near San Marcos so we ate at a different un-memorable place.

Our second day in San Marcos, we met up with Kathy and the girls at the original Clear Springs, Tx. location which was between the campground and their home.  We were about 15 minutes ahead of them and the nice young girl doing the seating said to just let her know when everyone was there and I told her if she would go ahead and seat us we'd order alcohol, to which she replied "follow me."  I've never done that before will not forget it and we followed thru with a couple of margaritas.  This is the inside of the place with all of it's old signs and other memorabelia.

The happy crowd ready for a good meal.

One of their specialities is onion rings, which we had a order of for an appetizer, and another is catfish.  Since I had chicken fried steak on the agenda for later on, I opted for the catfish, which I ate several pieces of before remembering the photo.

Bev ordered the fried fish taco and as you can see, they didn't skrimp on the fish.

It was all good but not outstanding, but they served plenty of it, so most of my sides stayed on the plate - I would go back.  After dinner we all came back to the RV for a visit and the girls hit the playground which we were right beside - it was a really nice day.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Love restaurants like that.. and the food looks incredibly good! Glad you got to see your daughter and granddaughters!!

  2. The food sounds good. We have family in Austin, so we are in Texas at least once a year. It's good for we roamers to know about these places. It sounds like you had a really good family visit. That's a wonderful way to enjoy the holidays. I hope you have an uneventful trip home. Blessings...Mary

  3. I had to LOL when I saw Bev's taco. Typical Texas bigger than life presentation. Love that old Coke machine in the background of the group photo. Was it working? Complete with icy cold water and bottles of coke? With real sugar?

  4. Sounds like a great day! That fish taco has me drooling.

  5. Hi There, We are home from our trip. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. Sounds like you had a few 'oops moments' on your way to Texas... Hope the drive home is more memorable... Be careful though. We have had more rain in the past 2 days than we've ever seen at one time in this area...SO--be careful...

    My oldest granddaughter may attend college in San Marcos next year (Texas State). She plays softball and is looking for a good, small school to attend.

    Be careful coming home.
    P.S. Have you all been to Texas around the first of April before? If not, go sometime and see the Bluebonnets and other wildflowers in bloom... It's awesome.


  6. Larry, That restaurant looks like fun! The catfish looked good too! I'm looking forward to the chicken fried steak of my favorites. Travel Safely and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  7. Looks like a fun place, Larry. Of course eating out is always more entertaining with a bunch of family like that.


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