Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Texas RV Trip - Granddaughters At The Barn

We woke today to drizzly skies, but since we missed the horse show on Saturday, we headed down to San Antonio for our private showing at the barn where they keep their horse - you know Katelyn is a Texan when she got a horse for her birthday, even though she lives in a sub division.  The barn (riding stable) boards and trains horses and gives riding lessons, which include doing everything for yourself including shoveling out your stall - good life lessons I think - you must pay to play. 

At the horse show the other day, Katelynn won Grand Champion in one division and Reserve Grand (2nd) in the other for the under 13 age group and Lauren who is only 8 but in the same group did very well and beat her 12 year old sister in a couple of events.

Here's a shot of their arena, which is surrounded by stalls and pasture.

For the exibition, I set the camera on sports and it took shots in quick succession.  This is Lauren and for some reason she changed horses:

This is Katelynn on her horse Mac:

And again.

They often have the jumps higher but due to the rain and softer, slicker conditions, they had everything low.

Later on we met them for supper at one of their favorite local dives called Herberts Taco Hut for Tex-Mex supper.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. When I was a little girl, I wished for a horse every single year for my birthday and Christmas!! She looks wonderful on her horse!

  2. I always wanted a horse but I'm SO allergic. have to live vicariously, I guess!

  3. Congratulations Katelynn. That's quite an accomplishment to win the Grand Champion in one division and Reserve Grand in another. That takes a lot of hard work and dedication.

    Larry, it's nice to know your trip has improved since Arkansas. Granddaughters always improve everything.

  4. I love that you got your own private showing! Congrats to them on their accomplishments!

  5. I was glad to read this post with no disasters ... things are looking up for the Grizwolds. What a great accomplishment for your grand daughter. Loved seeing the photos.

  6. Congratulations to Katelynn and Lauren both! I'm sure you were very proud to watch them. They look perfectly comfortable riding and performing for you!

  7. That's awesome, Larry.. I know that you two are very proud grandparents!!!!! Katelynn is doing great on her horse... Yes---Texas is horse country!!!!


  8. I had a friend who bought her kids a pony - in Connecticut. The pony was delightful, rather like an oversized dog. Looks like your girls are doing wonderfully with their horses, and you are having a wonderful vacation. Hope the RV behaves for the rest of the trip.

  9. Horses are magnificent animals, hard to believe they are potential back on the menu in the USA.

    The kids did great, the jumping photos are amazing.


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