Saturday, November 19, 2011

Texas RV Trip - Day 2

The anticipated rain finally showed up with a vengence during the wee hours of the morning, but it was in bands, so we were able to pack up in just a sprinkle.  This is Sweetie Pie preparing for a hard days drive.

As uneventful as was day 1, day 2 was just the opposite.  We had just entered Ark. and pulled into the welcome center to let the dogs potty and as I walked back to the RV, I noticed the right rear tires were flat - crap.

 It is equipped with a system that equalizes the pressure between the the two tires and it along with the hubcap to which it was attached were gone - crap.  This is the missing one and what it's supposed to look like on the other side.

We'd just passed through a terribly rough section of road and I think the hubcap just popped off.  Anyone who isn't concerned about our infrastructure only need travel the roads we were on in New England in May and a great deal of what we were on this day.  The person we bought the RV from made sure we knew to buy Coach Net roadside assistance (like AAA for your car) and they dispatched someone to fix us up - as it turned out both tires were ruined.

While we waited, I wanted to see how long we were compared to an 18 wheeler so I took a shot of the front and back and as you can see, if I were to pull up to even the rears, we're just about the length of his cab shorter.

So after $1100 and over 4 hours, we were back on the road only to go a few miles to run into construction and another 1 1/2 hours to go 10 miles.  After losing the 5 1/2 hours, we finally rolled into the campgrounde in Hot Springs at 8:30 in the pouring rain.  Fortunately the live-on-site guy came out and led us to our site where we just hooked up the water and power, had a big gulp of wine and went to bed - their wi-fi was down, so I couldn't even blog.

The campground is only 4 months old and sits on the shores of Lake Catherine.  It's going to be very nice, but the lack of grass made it pretty muddy while we were there.  This is from one of the lakeside sites.

All photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. GASP .. No wireless?? All kidding aside, what a bad day. And $1100? ouch! A big gulp of wine and bed sounds like just what the Dr. ordered. Hope there's smooth sailing ahead.

  2. Love your dog.He is so cute.No fun driving through bad weather;(

  3. Flat tires, mud, no wireless. E gad!
    Now that that's all out of the way, happy travels must be head.

  4. Larry, You and Bev have to look at the positive side of things... It can't get much worse than it was on this day...and tommorrow is another day! Try to Think Positive... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave & Laurie

  5. I'm sorry to hear about your 'adventures' this day. I'm glad you were able to get help with the flats, but it sounds as if the process flattened your wallet quite a bit. We've found Arkansas roads to be pretty rough. We've visited Lake Catherine, although we've never stayed there. I hope the rest of your trip goes more smoothly.

  6. You do seem to be rather upbeat about the whole situation! Much calmer than I would have been.

  7. And poor Sweetie did have a hard day, what with supervising you at getting the tires repaired and whatnot. There are always problems with any trip, but at least you were able to get to sleep with minimal fuss.

  8. I was away yesterday and missed this. No wonder Arkansas doesn't seem like a good place to be. Hope all is better today.


    I see not much has changed!


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