Sunday, November 13, 2011

Smoked Chicken For Breakfast

Bev and I both like to keep either a bag of pulled pork or smoked chicken it the fridge which we then use for snacking and quick meals.  We currently have some smoked “Dolly Breasts” (those giant chicken breasts that are nearly always the ones on sale), and I decided to use some for breakfast (actually just 1/3 of a breast was needed).

I cut off 4 slices about ¼“ thick, making sure I got the great flavored skin, diced them up, and  added to a 6” flour tortilla.

Then topped it with some shredded cheddar and the bottom of a small green onion (you can leave these off Dave). 

I nuked them for a minute which warmed the chicken and melted the cheese.

In the meantime I cooked a couple of sunny side up eggs in a covered skillet with a little water added.  I slid the eggs onto the chicken, added a little more cheese and the green onion tops (you can leave these off Dave). 
I thought it was pretty good but after a couple of bites decided it needed some pizazz, so I added some garlic hot sauce which helped a lot - Bev added chipotle hot sauce to hers and it was even better. I think some red or green Mexican sauce on the chicken would have made it perfect – I may have some in the freezer. I know I have some pesto cubes which would make it similar to the pizza from the other day – wish I’d thought of it sooner, but there’s always tomorrow and there’s still plenty of chicken with just 1 1/3 breast. 

The other day Pam from For The Love Of Cooking advised I was the lucky winner of her apron give away and since I don’t wear them, Bev got to choose.  Here she is modeling it - with a little help from Coco.
But if I did wear aprons, I probably would have picked the same one.
Thanks again Pam.

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Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. Congrats on winning beautiful apron:) Smoked chicken is so versatile for snacking.I love it in salad;)

  2. Y'all look cute in your apron. Wish I could get Meakin to wear an apron. He apparently prefers to soil his clothes when he cooks. What would I do without Shout.

    Love the idea of chicken in the refrig for snacks and hot sauce always makes things taste better.

  3. Love the cute apron!! I've been adding hot sauce to everything lately, though nothing as good as your breakfasts!

  4. I think I would top my eggs with some spicy salsa. Looks delicious as always, Larry. Congrats on winning the apron on Pam's blog.

  5. Well of course that breakfast looks mighty fine .. I'm thinking some Chalupa (sp?) sauce would have been good. That is, if indeed it needed a dash of something extra. Looks good to me either way. I think it's so cute that Coco stays so close to Bev. I've got one that does that too. Now ..... about that apron... LOL! Why does it look better on Bev? :)


    Ahhhh perfect. Thanks for doing that pose, Larry, made my day!

  7. Cute apron, Larry, and it fits Bev perfectly...

    I would like the 'bland' mix --and would not add the hot sauce. Seems like the onions would help with the flavor... Sounds wonderful...

  8. Great breakfast, as usual! I would just throw some pickled jalapenos on there! Love the apron, but do think that it looks better on Bev! :)

  9. Love the idea of smoked chicken in the tortillas. I tend to add salsa to my breakfast experiments.
    Cute apron, but yes, it does look better on Bev! :)

  10. The breakfast with the smoked chicken sounds great. Nice apron!

  11. Larry, Thanks for the consideration re: the breakfast recipe. It looked great!

    One of my favorite breakfast omlets is made with pan browned chicken bits, (fried in butter), with onion powder, hot shot pepper mix, shredded sharp cheddar cheese and Tabasco.

    I love the apron! It really brings out your feminine side! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  12. You crack me up! I think you both look cute in the apron!!! The breakfast has me drooling like usual.

  13. I just love your breakfasts!!!

    Congrats on winning the apron.. you both look fabulous in it, but I have to say, Bev can pull it off a little better :)


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