Friday, October 11, 2019

Coach Repair, Health, & Furniture

Not much blog-worthy happenings around here lately but wanted to get these things documented.

Our coach began showing the “Check Engine” light last spring and we thought it was a coolant problem and checked the coolant system and some other issues only to have it return during our recent trip to Kentucky.  So this time the mechanic checked the fault codes to find three different issues with the biggest one being the pollution control system – similar with our cars.  So, $4,600 later it’s all hopefully fixed.  Diesels are definitely more expensive to keep on the road than gas engines.

A few weeks ago one of my molars began hurting so, of course, I went to the dentist and he advised it would need a root canal to save it and after checking the prices (I have no dental insurance) I elected to just have it pulled but my dentist anticipated a difficult extraction so he sent me to an oral surgeon.  Since the process required a mild sedation (propofol), Bev had to go and drive me home.  Can you believe it cost $700 just to have the tooth pulled but it would have been three times that much to save it – which I might have done 10 years ago.  I’m always shocked at what the medical folks charge us, especially when it’s out of my now empty pockets (new flooring came before these).  

Now I’ll just have to wait for next year’s mandatory IRA withdrawal for any more major expenses.

The new entertainment center and tables were delivered this week so the living room is getting closer to being done.  Bev will now decide what goes on the various shelves, etc. and this room should be ready for the rest of our lives.  But now we must deal with all of the extra stuff that we have culled out, including the knick knack stand on the left.  That rug has been rolled up downstairs for at least 10 years waiting for its debut moment.

I had a physical last week and once again the exam and tests showed that I’m in good health but still just too heavy - basically all good news.

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  1. Hope you got that diesel run-ing nicely much more expensive the gas for sure.
    I finally got all my bad teeth extracted years ago much better not to deal with painless dentures.

  2. Larry, Good news about your check up plus the fact that your redecorating is almost done with. Not so good with the RV repairs and the dental work. If it makes you feel any better, I dropped over $3,400 to reset an old crown temporarily while a new one was being built and then I 'got' to buy the new one too! ($3,400+ total) No choice given where the crown was located... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. Sorry to hear about the tooth and the rig repairs. UGH! On the bright side, the living room looks lovely! I really like the rug and it looks great with the new entertainment center. Nicely done!

  4. Beats a discount dentist south of the border. It costs too much to get there. Glad you and the rv are all tuned up.

  5. I had to have a tooth pulled a few years ago, I don't remember how much it cost, but then they insisted I couldn't leave the space open (even tho it was in the back and not noticeable) That my mouth would suffer and teeth would move if I didn't get an implant. $4,000 - ish later and out of pocket. I'm still a little mad at myself for not thinking that through. Perhaps it's true. I love the entertainment center. Looks great. And darn that coach! :)

  6. Makes me love my Pre-Def coach more. C U in Crossville.........................HRB..

  7. Beautiful new look for your living room; I'm a big fan of your entertainment center. I hope your coach problems are truly ironed out at this point; $4000+ for a repair is no joke!

    I had a molar root canaled for $1500 up here. I guess I just got lucky (if you can call a root canal lucky).

  8. Hi, Ugh on the Dental Work.... Both George and I have 'sold the farm' in order to pay for dental work.... TERRIBLE...

    Sorry about your Big Rig problems... You certainly have had to spend a LOT of money keeping that one running... BUT--you all really enjoy it ---so I'm sure it's all worth it.

    We finally got a little rain last night here. We are in a SEVERE drought --not having much rain at all in about 3 months. Grass is brown; Leaves on big trees are turning brown and dying; NO fall colors (other than BROWN); etc. etc. etc.

    About losing weight (at our age)---I have found the best way for us has been LOW CARB.... It's not Keto --since we eat a lot of protein. BUT--since January, both George and I have lost over 35 pounds by mostly cutting out the breads, pizzas, spaghetti/pasta, etc.... The weight is coming off slowly --but it IS coming off. Our doctor has told George to QUIT losing weight now.... ME? NO doctor has ever said that to ME.... ha ha .... Good Luck.



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