Sunday, January 24, 2016

2016 Louisiana Trip – Days 3 & 4 (Partial) - Crawfish Town and Hebert's

Henderson, LA temps – 65/43 & 55/38, home temps – 47/35 & 37/30, I like it being 18 degrees warmer during the day.

After driving for two days, I’m usually pretty tired (especially after yesterday) so all we did our first day was get the coach all set up, get the car washed, and drive around the area to get our bearings and see what was what – we had stayed at Cajun Palms RV Resort on Dec 12, 2011, but didn’t even unhook the car so our only familiarity was with Crawfish Town USA which is adjacent to the campground and before our drive Bev wanted to go there for a late lunch.

When we ate there in 2011, we thought it was very good, but it had been getting mixed reviews on the internet but we decided to try it anyway.  Bev and Pat split a Crawfish Poboy.and I had one that was half oyster and half catfish.

We thought our sandwiches were good but could have been stuffed a little fuller and they came with very good fries made even better with a sprinkle of their Cajun spices.  I’m sure we’ll go back one more time and try the more serious meals.

On Sunday, we decided we needed to go just a little ways down the road for a visit to Hebert’s (a-bears) Boudin (boo-dan) and Cracklins and find out what these two things were all about.

The lady at the store described boudin as basically jambalaya stuffed in a casing, tasso as smoked ham, and the cracklins were different than the pork rinds that we're used to in that they still have some of the fat & meat attached, so they are like eating a piece of crispy fried fatback with extra crunchy skin attached.

While there, we tried both regular and smoked boudin.

Then we tried tasso, and cracklins.

I really liked the boudin and while the tasso was good, I see why it is used mainly for seasoning other dishes - I plan to take some of both home with me.  The cracklins were also very good but definitely not diet food or something you would want to eat a lot of since they are mostly fat.

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  1. Loved all of those wonderful cajun foods, now I am getting a craving.

  2. I'm leary of anything that is strange or spicy or not meat and taters. LOL but Jim would sure g Ave fun trying out everything.

  3. I'm leary of anything that is strange or spicy or not meat and taters. LOL but Jim would sure g Ave fun trying out everything.

  4. You certainly find the most interesting places to eat to enjoy local cuisine! I've only driven through Louisiana and hope to experience more of it someday.

  5. They certainly have some interesting food in Louisiana! Since I've only ever been to New Orleans, I'm sure we missed out on some of the more unique cuisine these small spots have to offer. The jambalaya in a casing does sound good!

  6. Larry, Laurie's jealous that ya'll had some oysters! Your posting reminded me that we have to go back to the Fish Houz in Loudon for catfish! Take Care, Dave

  7. That sandwich looks pretty good to me. I love boudin, but if you tell anyone I'll have to kill you. Enjoy your trip.

    1. I've decided that liking boudin is nothing to be ashamed of and we bought some to take home.

  8. I've never really tried Cajun food. It all looks so tasty to me.

  9. It's great to sneak in a getaway when no one expects it. Glad you enjoyed the warmth.

  10. That sandwich looks pretty special! I would love to try some of that authentic cuisine!

  11. I agree about the food not being something you would want to eat every day but its fun trying new things.

  12. That tasso can be pretty strong and a little unbalanced to me but it makes an awesome grit gravy at Puleo's!


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