Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tuna Salad & Stuffed Mushrooms

It had been a lazy rainy day, we had the kitchen all cleaned up, and I was thinking nuked leftover grilled chicken for supper with maybe a Knorr’s Pasta side for a one pot and one plate meal.  Bev, however, had other plans – sometimes she can’t help herself when the food prep gene takes over.

First she decided she wanted a repeat of the stuffed mushrooms we’d had a few days ago (you may remember the leftovers went into the recent breakfast scramble) and I readily agreed with this choice.  This is the recipe and a couple of shots that turned out this time – the liquid in the pan is because we forgot that the shrooms were supposed to be cooked some prior to stuffing, step 3.

4 large portobello mushroom caps, stems and gills removed
1 tablespoon reduced-fat Italian salad dressing
1 egg
1 clove garlic, minced
salt and ground black pepper to taste
1 (10 ounce) bag fresh spinach, chopped
1/4 cup chopped pepperoni
1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/4 cup shredded mozzarella cheese, divided
3 tablespoons seasoned bread crumbs, divided

1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
2.Brush both sides of each portobello mushroom cap with Italian dressing. Arrange mushroom on a baking sheet, gill sides up.
3.Bake mushrooms in the preheated oven until tender, about 12 minutes. Drain any juice that has formed in the mushrooms.

4.Beat egg, garlic, salt, and black pepper together in a large bowl.
5.Stir spinach, pepperoni, Parmesan cheese, 3 tablespoons mozzarella cheese, and 3 tablespoons bread crumbs into the eggs until evenly mixed.
6.Divide spinach mixture over mushroom caps; sprinkle mushrooms with remaining 1 tablespoon mozzarella cheese and 1 tablespoon bread crumbs. Return mushrooms to the oven.

7.Continue baking until topping is golden brown and cheese is melted, about 10 minutes more.

She next considered turning the leftover chicken into chicken salad but then said she’d been craving tuna salad and so it was.  This is her recipe for tuna salad:

2 12oz cans of tuna packed in water, flaked
3 hard boiled eggs, diced
SOME finely diced celery
SOME finely diced onion
SOME mustard, to taste
SOME mayo, to taste
A little hot sauce, to taste
S&P to taste

Mix everything together, sample and adjust to taste.

As I’ve always said, Bev is the chef in this family and I’m the recipe follower - the tuna salad was delicious, especially when served atop a fresh, from our garden tomato.

This was a fine summertime meal and the little kitchen mess was well worth it – so now I’ll be cleaning it up for the second time today.

On a different note, do you know what happens when the corner your blueberry bush bird netting is out in the grass and you catch it in your mower.

You borrow a set of ramps from your neighbor and rest them on the bed of a pick-up, you drive the mower up on them, and then spend about 30 minutes cutting out the netting and branches that came with it, to get this two foot wad.

The silver linings - it was only wrapped around one of the three blades, the netting was easy to cut and therefore much easier than removing a ski rope wrapped around a jet ski drive shaft - yep, that is the voice of experience speaking.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

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  1. Very nice healthy dinner. Way to go Beverly. Wow, what a wad of mesh. Good thing you have neighbors handy.

  2. Looks like a yummy dinner. For some reason our birds don't bother our blueberries at all. I think they prefer the black oil sunflower seeds in their feeders.

  3. Larry, Laurie would love those stuffed mushrooms! The addition of the pepperoni is a great idea... I have enough trouble with tangled fishing line so I can sympathize with you on that blueberry netting. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  4. All looks so yummy perfect summertime meal.

  5. Oops on getting your netting caught in your lawn mower... Glad it wasn't too hard to remove....

    Your summer meal sounds wonderful... My 'diet' tuna salad is similar except that I use cottage cheese instead of mayo... I start with a summer tomato (yum), then some cottage cheese, then the tuna, then a hard-boiled egg chopped, then some green onions, and pepper/salt/mustard to taste.... Quite similar --and a good lunch..


  6. I make my tuna salad with mayo, shredded carrot and chopped pickles - dill or sweet, either one.

    We keep ramps in our garage, because mysterious stuff just seems to happen to the mower. We haven't had a netting incident, possibly because we (a) have no blueberry bushes, or (b) wouldn't net them if we did, due to basic laziness. I've seen the effects of rope on jet-ski prop, and it ain't pretty!

  7. Bev is definitely a gal that knows what she wants :) The mushrooms sound great and tuna salad is always a favorite here in the summer.

    My sympathies on the mower - yikes!

  8. I'm the mushroom nut in this house, and since Bill doesn't care for them, that just means more for me. I need to try this recipe. Oh yea, we get the bird netting in our lawn mower all the time. Although it's a pain, it does help keep the deer out of our gardens! What we go through to have a garden!

  9. I think the liquid from the mushrooms flavors the mushrooms even more! This whole meal looks delicious and perfect for a summer dinner. YUM!

  10. The mushrooms look great and the tuna salad sounds just like mine. Sorry about the bird netting - you are getting very experienced in unwrapping these things!

  11. We love mushrooms and this sounds like a great recipe to try. Netting definitely causes its share of problems!

  12. The stuffed mushrooms look delicious. That and a little salad make a perfect summer meal in my book. I get a tuna salad craving every so often too.

  13. Looks like a fantastic meal Larry. Well worth the clean up. Could you mail me your address so I can return your book?

  14. I'm finally getting tomatoes from my plants. We celebrated with our traditional BLT last night. omg ... so good. I might have to make a tuna salad tonight for the 2nd one on my counter. And that netting - ouch! That's bird karma at work. :)


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