Friday, June 13, 2014

Post-Blogger Party Breakfast

As in the past, we provided lodging for the blogger party attendees who traveled too far for it to be a one day event and in this case three couples stayed with us and one stayed with Bev’s sister, Pat.

For this trip the Hofer’s had asked, via email, if they could provide breakfast for the overnight guests.  Once before they had stayed two nights and laid out a delicious gourmet dinner so I nearly injured my two typing fingers trying to reply so quickly with a resounding yes to the breakfast offer. 

The menu was:

Mimosa’s of orange juice and Prosesca
Triple Cinnamon Scones (provided by Penny the scone queen)
Oven fried bacon, imported from Nueskes in Wittenberg, WI
Corn cakes (a Hofer family tradition)
Blueberry maple syrup and homemade butter (yep, they made it on site)
Scrambled eggs with mushrooms
Mixed fruit of strawberries and blue berries
Lots of coffee

This is the assembly line plating operation and my plate.

Wow what a way to wrap up our weekend events - Penny’s scones were a delicious beginning and as always, the Hofer boys put on an outstanding meal.  I wish they would all come and do it every month or two.  Not only was the meal great but the cleanup crew had the kitchen in very good shape as well.  Thanks all for a wonderful morning.

Everyone got on the road around noon and I’m glad we didn’t have to drive anywhere – Bev took a nap and I sat comatose in my chair for a while – awake but still comatose.

Photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


6/8/14 event dates


  1. A great time was had by all. You and Bev are such wonderful hosts. Thank you again for the fabulous weekend. I can speak for all of us when I say we were pleased to whip up breakfast for everyone.

  2. Larry, Great looking breakfast! The scones sounded like my kind of scones. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. Gee - my piece of toast this morning sure loses it's appeal after looking at your plate.

  4. Sounds like heck of a way to end a great blogger get together... more delicious food!

  5. Well that's a great breakfast for everyone, and so nice of them! How fun!

  6. Now thats a great way to start the day, nice to have those volunteers.

  7. Breakfast was outstanding! Those Hoffer boys know how to cook. And your hospitality is so appreciated Thanks for all you did to make the weekend special Larry, Bev and Pat.

  8. Even though I wasn't in attendance, I'm glad Wisconsin was represented with bacon :) What a delicious breakfast! I'm sure you and Bev deserved to be treated so well after hosting such a wonderful event!

  9. I'm sitting comatose just looking at those photos.

  10. Well hell, we need to spend the night next time too, lol. Great seeing you all again!


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