Sunday, September 29, 2013

2013 Western Trip – Restaurants In Moab

We ate out three meals in Moab with the first being dinner at the Sunset Grill, which is perched on a cliff providing some nice views of the valley - the building is the former home of uranium king Charlie Steen.

Even the area clouds make arches.

Other than a Chinese restaurant, I’ve never ordered duck but after the waiter recommended it, I gave it a try.  It was topped with raspberry sauce and served with rice and vegetables.

The duck was very good as was the sauce and I would order it again, but I can’t understand how people eat these typical, bland barely cooked restaurant vegetables – I didn’t
The same waiter above recommended the Moab Diner for breakfast so off we went the next morning.

I ordered the Jeep Safari Special described as: “Before you hit the trail, you must try this hearty breakfast. Two eggs cooked any style, your choice of ham, bacon, or choice of link or patty sausage, and hash browns.  Served with one biscuit smothered in country gravy. $6.99”

Bev ordered the Breakfast Burrito described as: “2 fresh eggs scrambled with your choice of meat rolled up in a tortilla & topped with cheddar cheese, sour cream, and the Diner's signature Green Chile sauce.  Served with hash browns - The Traditional Sausage.” $6.99

Mine was pretty good with excellent hash browns, pretty good gravy, but an overcooked biscuit - Bev loved hers and Pat had French Toast which she enjoyed.  We liked it enough to go back the next morning when Bev and Pat got the same thing and I ordered a Moab Diner's Sweetwater Skillet: “The Original: Definitely our house specialty! A blend of fried potatoes, bacon, diced green onion, bell peppers and melted cheese all of which is spiced just right and topped with two eggs any style. Served with toast and jelly.” $6.75.  Sorry, no pictures today but it was very good.

Since they advertise the best green chile in Utah, I said smother it (Just say “Smother it!” and we'll top your skillet with the Diner's famous Green Chile for just 1.25.)  I can’t comment on their boast as this was my only Utah green chile, but it was so good, we bought a quart for the road.

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9/11 & 9/12/2013 meal dates


  1. It's funny. You can almost always count on the potatoes being good for breakfast, but overcooked, tasteless vegetables at dinner are in one word - awful. More beautiful scenery Larry.

  2. First I'm glad you enjoyed your meals in Moab. I've been to the Diner also and ordered the green chile. I have to say I was in SHOCK because it's totally different from green chile in my "neck of the woods." (OK, I didn't like it at all!)

  3. I so agree about the vegetables and that duck looks amazing never had it! Beautiful scenery.. pretty country scenery!

  4. The only place we ate at was the Moab Brewery. But that is not a surprise for us.

  5. Larry, Moab and the nearby National Parks are definitely on my travel list. I also want to make it to the north rim of the Grand Canyon. The best duck we've ever eaten was crispy duck with dumplings at an old Polish restaurant in Chicago. We've never duplicated it anywhere else. That big breakfast of yours is right in my wheel house... Add Tabasco and gobble it down! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  6. We usually don't eat the veggies either. It's like they just dump them in boiling water, cook them to death and then kind of drain them. Those hash browns look wonderful.

  7. We were wondering about the Sunset Grill. We had breakfast at the Peace Tree Restaurant....should have gone to the Moab Dinner. The Fiesta Mexican Restaurant was pretty good and that about raps up our dinning adventure in Moab. We're hitting the road tomorrow.....south!

  8. I love that burrito that Bev got and that chili looks fantastic!

  9. Sounds like a fabulous trip! Looks like great food and the scenery is beautiful and the pics are awesome. Glad that ya'll are having fun!. Bon voyage, cher!

  10. I love trying restaurants that locals recommend when we are traveling. Buying the a quart of the green chile sauce is a sign that it was GOOD.


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