Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2013 Western Trip – Heading Down To Moab

After three days in Victor, ID (visiting Jackson Hole), we spent two days driving down to Moab Utah.  We spent the night in the KOA in Salt Lake City and it was pretty typical for a big, in-town KOA – nice but tight. 

The most interesting thing about the trip for me was the difference in landscape from the wheat fields of Idaho (saw way more wheat than potatoes) through the mountains of northern Utah, and into the near moonscape south of them.

Shortly after getting on I-70 we made a fuel stop in Green River, where a lady had a melon stand that even the semis were stopping at.  Bev said we still had a melon and pasted on these only to be told by Pat a few miles down the road that Green River is noted for its melons – she’d done a web search.  Surely we can find them 50 miles away in Moab.

We turned off I-70 onto US-191 and after some more dessert we dropped into the red rock canyons around Moab – reminded me of Sedona, AZ.

We stayed at the Portal RV Resort which is comprised of a campground and a resort where the sites are owned and rented out by the resort management.  We stayed in a yet to be landscaped spot in the resort, which turned out perfect for the dogs. 

Upon arrival, the campground was full due to an Airstream rally be held there but it looked different the next day with only one remaining.

The finished part of the resort had some very nice spots with a Koi pond in the center.

We’d been having the heaters come on during the night and I thought they did our first night in Moab as well, but it turns out it was the A/C and when I went out in my normal warm up suit I was way over-dressed.  This is the rocks west of us as the morning sun lights them up.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

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9/9 - 9/10/2013 event date


  1. It's amazing how much the landscape can change. Wow. When we're on interstates, occasionally we've seen lots of RV's all the same traveling together, but never parked. That's a lot of Airstreams. I've never seen that many at one time.

    Isn't it fun that Pat can google local melons on the trip. So, did you find a melon later or did I miss that?

  2. Since I never go anywhere, I love going along with you!

  3. I've backpacked in Moab... gorgeous area for sure. The weather up there is a lot like ours.... hard to believe you can be in an area where you are so cold one day and the next day you need A/C!! lol

  4. We love the Arches area but we were there in May and there were three or four million other people there which made it not so nice. We want to go back. We also stayed at Portal down in the campground area - the poor side of town. Our friends that were just there said they had a lot of rain and then it was really hot. Hope your wear cooperates.

  5. You visited my home state of Idaho... I was born and raised in a town called Hailey which is just south of Sun Valley. It is amazing how different the landscape can be in that state!

    You captured some really beautiful pictures - I especially love the Red Rock Canyons around Moab.

  6. You've been covering a lot of ground and have seen some gorgeous country. It sounds like an adventure :-). You asked about the tart. The recipe is how it was made without the changes I spoke of in the post. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  7. Larry, You guys are covering some ground, that's for sure! We've never been to Moab, Arches National Park or Canyonlands National Park...only Zion and Bryce Canyon. We need to make that trip in the next year or so... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  8. You are living such a great adventure Larry. I love all these spots - a visit out west is long overdue for me.

  9. The landscape is stunning. Wow. You guys look like you are having a great trip.

    Next time, you will know to get a melon (smile).

  10. "Near moonscape" is a great description. I'd have bought a melon even if we had one, but then, I love fruit of any kind.

  11. Where in the world is Waldo :-). You and Bev are not letting any grass grow beneath your feet. You have packed a lot into this adventure. I love Jackson Hole. 49 years ago Bob and I climbed the 5th face of the Grand Teton and had a wonderful time. How much longer will you be on the road? Frost will soon be on the pumpkin:-) Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  12. RV LIFE supplied a story, Moab:Where Adventure Begins for a Salt Lake City RV tradeshow. http://moabroadtrip.blogspot.com/2013/09/rv-life-magazine-writers-love-moab.html


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