Tuesday, September 3, 2013

2013 Western Trip – Glacier NP

Warning: Long post ahead, but it is mostly photos.

As a kid in the 50’s, my best friend’s father was a railroad engineer and his family got to travel for a greatly reduced rate on the train.  Each summer they would take a long vacation to the West and he would tell me of the wonders he had seen, creating a great envy in me.

I finally saw the Grand Canyon a few years ago, on this day I drove the Going-To-The-Sun Road, and we’re heading to Yellowstone next.  As an engineer, I gazed in awe at what it must have taken to build the road in the 20’s – here’s a shot lifted from Wikipedia.

Our visit to the park was just a drive along the famous road from west to east and it began along the pretty Lake McDonald.

Just above the lake one of the prongs of the Flathead River runs along the road.

The mountains are very steep and craggy and the views of them and the valleys would have been breath-taking had it not been for the haze in the air.  We also noticed many dead trees, some of which was fire damage but not sure about the other.

On the east end of the road was the other pretty Lake St. Mary.

After leaving the park, we drove back to our area via the southern route and saw some interesting terrain while on a small MT route, reminding me of Dolly Sods in WV. 

We stopped in East Glacier Park to pick up something to eat at Brownies Hostel-Bakery-Deli.

We got a chuckle from the signs on the business next door – “World’s Largest Wooden Spoon Shop” and “Hard Carved Stuff.”  We were in a hurry to get back to Whitefish so we didn’t go in.

We then got on US-2 and followed it through the valley around the park bottom and beside the railroad track which was also a great piece of engineering and construction (orig. – Burlington Northern and now BNSF).

We decided to check out Whitefish for a potential shopping trip the next day and stumbled into a good sized farmers market, which the ladies explored while I minded the dogs across the street at the BNSF RR station and yard – didn’t get to see the museum though.

All-in-all a pretty good day I’d say, finished off watching Madison romp with Bodie.

Photos best if enlarged by clicking on them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


8/27/2013 event date


  1. I would say Heaven's Peak is apply named. What a spectacular view. I too have always been in awe of the engineering involved in building roads and railroads in difficult terrains.

    Looks like everyone is having fun. You are accumulating a fantastic vacation photo album Larry. Great photos.

  2. What a gorgeous area!! The views are just amazing!

  3. I am glad you have seen one of the most beautiful parts of the US. It is breathtaking, isn't it?

  4. Gorgeous, Larry. We hope to get to Glacier next year... We will spend SEVERAL days there --to hike and see that gorgeous scenery. WOW!!!!!


  5. Larry, We've never been to Glacier National Park...missed that drive so far. Sounds like the beetles killed off lot of trees...sad! Regarding Yellowstone. The most spectacular mountain drive we've ever taken, (including on our recent trip to the Canadian Rockies), was our drive on US 212 at the northeast entrance to Yellowstone. (Beartooth Pass!) Stunning... Travel safely and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave and Laurie (PS - Say Hi to Bev, Madison and Pat for us)

  6. Were you completely comfortable driving the Going to the Sun? We took the Park's bus system.

  7. Love your photographs, Larry. They remind me that, for all the traveling I have done, I have never seen our National Parks. I must do something about that soon. Thanks for taking us along on your wonderful trip.

  8. Great photos Larry - I love a good trip out west. The vistas are amazing!

  9. You got some really great pictures. Did you see any wildlife?

  10. Glacier NP sure is beautiful. Amazing what those folks years ago accomplished. Hubby says you're a lucky man...traveling with 3 beautiful red heads. Enjoy the rest of the journey.

  11. I really enjoyed your photos. The mountains are simply spectacular, especially when the pictures are enlarged. I sure hope we can make it to Glacier next year.

  12. That scenery is breath taking even with a little haze. And don't be bringing ti with you. Again, we're clear as a bell here. No smoke at all. Thanks for posting all these photos. Love following along.

  13. My parents took the family to Glacier NP when I was but a wee one, so I have absolutely no memories of it. But it's beauty shines through your photos Larry and continues to compel Bill and I to get back out West on a road trip. Thanks for the reminder! And you're right, nothing like eating outside . . . and that salmon is gorgeous!


  14. Even with the haze in the air, it looks like a beautiful area.

  15. Green with envy, what gorgeous country. I plan to take Alexis over that one in the next few years, I loved my brief visit. What a fantastic journey for Madison. I know she probably doesn't appreciate it now, but it will stick with her years down the road. Great post Larry.


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