Friday, April 13, 2012

Grilled Chicken Salad

We picked our first lettuce recently and it included leaves from four types of leaf lettuce and a variety of bib along with some fruit and a dressing we got from our neighbor.

For the chicken I used  a “Dolly” breast that Bev had bought at the store and I smoked for several hours to only get to 150*.  We let it set out and come to room temperature then grilled it over med heat or the gas grill to an internal temp of 160*. 

I also grilled some asparagus which was just tossed with olive oil, S&P.

After tossing, Bev topped the salad with some shredded gruyere cheese, then I added some asparagus, then the sliced chicken.

My buddy Joe works hard to eat healthy and keep himself in good shape so this was his kind of meal.

I thought it was pretty awesome, especially with the fruit in the salad and will look forward to the next time maybe with some rough chopped nuts in it.

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Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.


4/6/12  meal date


  1. Love simple meals like that. And everything is so fresh and healthy... you can't go wrong there!!

  2. Larry, That's really a great looking and sounding salad! Simple yet satisfying... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. a perfect meal!
    happy weekend!

  4. One of my favorite meals! Looks delicious. Have a great weekend.

  5. This is totally my kind of salad! I love that you added asparagus to the salad too. YUM.

  6. The best thing about this salad is that it is healthy and looks delicious.

  7. I dunno, Larry, did you have to grill the diet coke with the chicken?

    All kidding aside, I do like a nice piece of meat with a salad for a good substantial lunch. We've not even planted our lettuce yet (we had a frost last night), let alone harvested any!

  8. What a wonderful salad. I love one that features meat and makes a complete meal. Healthy and delicious.

  9. A "Dolly" breast????? HA HA HA ...... Must have been a whopper....

    That salad looks delicious and so HEALTHY.... Yeah..

    Have a good weekend.

  10. bwahahahahaha, I actually googled a "Dolly" breast, because I hadn't heard that term before. Totally cracked me up. Thanks for the laugh, Larry.

    Your salad looks perfect to me!

  11. Reverse seared chicken breast, I hadn't thought about that!

    How did that turn out, did it have the juiciness of smoked chicken with the char flavor of grilled chicken? Or was it something different altogether?

  12. LOL! I had to Google Dolly chicken breast too :)

    I love grilled chicken salads in the spring and summer! I can't believe you're picking lettuce already.


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