Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Meatball Breakfast

We’d had pasta with olive oil/ herb sauce sided with meatballs the previous night and I decided to try a first for breakfast – see if you can guess what before you read on.  All we had was hamburger buns so I lightly toasted one and chopped and nuked two meatballs which had no other sauce on them - although sauce would just make the dish similar to Eggs In Purgatory.

Since the bun was round, I used a mold to cook the eggs and planned sunny side up but I had to flip them briefly to get them out of the mold.  Even though the mold is slick, PAM is still required for eggs.

I topped the bun with the meatball, then the eggs, then grated Romano, then chopped parsley.

It was delicious and a good meatball may be like good bacon and make most everything better.  Other than the cooking spray, the other thing I’ll do different next time is add the meatball to the bun then some white melting cheese and heat again to melt the cheese so it will hold the meatball on the bun while it’s being eaten.

We began our let's-get-this-place-organized winter campaign yesterday as our stuff is totally out of control - Bev did the kitchen pantries and it's my turn to do the fridge - hopefully we can get done by spring.

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  1. If I ever have any left over meatballs I will try this. Looks great. I do this with my leftover meatloaf and the creamy yolk all over the meat is super good.
    Cheers on another good idea Larry!

  2. We're starting the "get organized" thing this weekend. O-u-t of control around here too. I happen to love left over Italian for breakfast, but never take the time to add an egg. Maybe when I'm retired. :)

  3. I never thought to have meatballs with my eggs before... and now I'm thinking about all those breakfasts I could have been enjoying!!! You truly are a breakfast genius, Larry!
    Good luck with the organizing... Chris and I were forced to do that recently when we moved... guess it has to be done, but it's just never a fun job!

  4. We've been on that kick this week too and frankly...I'm tired of it already, ha ha.

    I like that idea of heating it with the cheese on top to hold it all together.

  5. I love how to transform your dinners into breakfasts, Larry! Great idea.

  6. Looks like a great breakfast. Your smoked prime rib for Christmas looked good too. We had a 12 hour smoked brisket done by a family member and it was out of this world. David got the recipe so we may try it soon. Happy New Year to you and Bev, Larry.

  7. I'm trying to get organized too-I've let things slide to long. As usual you have another great looking breakfast Larry.

  8. Larry, Now this is a breakfast that I could eat at least once a week! English muffins would be preferable though...with Tabasco as a topper... Take Care, Big Daddy Dave


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