Monday, December 5, 2011

Texas RV Trip - Burgers With The Girls & Sarah

As I mentioned in yesterdays post, we invited the girls up to the campground for a swim and burgers, believing the low 60* temps (cold front moved in) would be perfect for a cookout.  I didn't anticipate the high, chilling winds, so the adults did their pre-supper visiting at the enclosed pool area while the kids swam.

Daughter, Kathy, had her hair up and it dawned on me how much she looks like Sarah Pallin - she asked if I'd just noticed and said people had actually stopped her on the street, especially when she has her makeup on - check these out:

While the girls finished their swim, Bev and I cooked cheese burgers, made slaw from packaged cabbage and H-E-B's Hill Country Coleslaw dressing (from a bottle - which we really liked), and Bush's grilling beans (good right out of the can).  The sun was down when we ate, so it was then windy plus cold, so we ate in the RV.

It's good to know we can comforatably host a dinner party for six :-) - I was standing beside my chair.  See the little brown beggar.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by Almost Heaven South.

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  1. That little brown beggar looks like an expert if you ask me. Your daughter most certainly looks like SP. Very pretty. I'm not going to make any smart alec comment about 60 being compared to a "cold front" ... just returning from Kansas, I got a reminder about that wind and humidity.

  2. How funny Larry! Your daughter does look like Sarah Palin! She's very pretty!

    Yes, you are correct that we were very happy on Saturday night!!! You know both my boys go to Oklahoma State. We are very proud of our team! I am wearing my colors this morning to work as well! Go Pokes! ;)

  3. Oh wow, yes your daughter does bare a striking resemblance to Sarah!! Too funny!

  4. Your RV is so roomy! It looks like you had fun with all of the girls. Your daughter does look like Sarah Palin.

  5. The resemblance is uncanny! As long as Kathy doesn't take up signing autographs, it's all good. And it's great that you have enough room for plenty of visitors in the RV. As long as it behaved on the way home, you might not have to relegate it to the scrapheap or Craigslist!

  6. She does look a lot like Sarah Pallin. Looks like everyone is having fun and everyone fits in beautifully. How cool is that.


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