Sunday, November 1, 2009

What Time Change?

There may not be many good things about getting old, but, for me, retirement is sure one of them. Other than impacting when a television show I want to watch airs, or catching an airplane, the time on the clock has little bearing on my life. I go to bed when tired (sometimes it’s still daylight in the summer), I get up when rested (usually in the dark) and eat when hungry – so basically my body runs on sun time rather than clock time anyhow. After a 30-year career in industry where my life was run by calendars and clocks, I retired both when I retired. However, I kept missing my haircut, so I re-instituted the calendar for that and to mark down travel plans. I don’t know if I still own a watch to wear, but I do have an old five dollar one of Beverly’s that I use for grilling when time is a factor. Life is good here and I hope all of you get to do this.

Whatever time it is, it’s a beautiful day here in East Tennessee – crisp and cobalt blue sky.

A new addition to the herd across the street, hiding in the grass.

PS – Bella likes Tootsie Roll Pops and can get the wrapper off herself then she runs around with the stick protruding from her mouth. Alex had to hold her for the pic.

Have a great day.


  1. Lucky dog! (I mean you with retirement, not Bella and her sucker.)

  2. You have a great life (one loving life retiree to another)

  3. Life is good! We are all aiming to put the clocks away and just enjoy.
    Nice blog post!

  4. I'd trade a day for yours! What a wonderful post.


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