Monday, November 2, 2009

It’s Fall And Time For A Fire At The Lake

The sleepover girls went home early and we had planned a Sunday with a little cleaning up and lots of R&R and fortunately, our neighbors, the cattle farmers, love to build a big fire down by the lake, roast hot dogs, and invite us – so no cooking needed today. However, the baker in the family decided she needed to use her bread starter and this is the outcome – two other loaves went unbaked to friend and sister and two of these will go to friends. We’ll probably find something to do with the other 1 ½ - oh yeah, about a half loaf disappeared as a hot-from-the-oven treat.

Meanwhile back at the fire, my neighbor, who’s father bought the land around us years ago, always loved a fire. As soon as the weather cooled off, he had a fire at the lake as often as he could and built one in his fireplace first thing in the morning when it got cold enough – I believe he built a few in the early season when he had to open the door and windows. He’s gone now, but his daughter, my neighbor, grew up loving it and she behaves just the same, so last night it was a fire at the lake, with a cookout as a secondary event. Here's the place with the fire just getting going good.

Moon rise in the East. It was a beautiful full moon on a clear night.

Sunset in the West.

The neighbor cranking up the lantern for the food area. The air temperature was cooling down fast at this point.

It was the perfect night for this as it was cool enough to make you want to be near the fire. Their front side is warm and now for the backside.

It's wiennie cooking time in Tennessee.

I can’t believe I forgot a picture of my plate (have you noticed I often forget my camera when the eatin starts), but the dogs were delicious, as they always are in this situation. Mine had a lightly charred wiennie, some of my recently made spicy mustard, onions, and chili – it’s hard to beat a good dog.

After the dogs, it was smores for the dessert folks and then just sitting around the fire and visiting – what a pleasant evening it turned out to be.

I believe after all this outdoors and scenery stuff the last few days, it's time to cook something tonight. Have a great day. Larry


  1. Looks like a great fire! Sorry I missed that one. I am looking forward to trying some of this mustard, too. And soup. :)

  2. Seriously, are we having the best weather ever or what? And seeing this shot and realizing your croutons came from those loaves of bread? I think those were probably the best croutons EVER made. Sigh....

  3. said it before... You do know how to enjoy life

    great post


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