Sunday, November 29, 2009

Homemade Turkey Broth

We use a lot of chicken broth in our cooking and make as much as we can from unused chicken pieces, but have never tried using a turkey carcass – although I know many people do. After Thanksgiving dinner at the suggestion of one of our guests, I tossed into a 16 quart pot the body carcass including seasoning vegetables, leg, thigh and wing bones, skin, unused pan drippings, giblet broth and anything else that would make broth. I covered it all with water added the lid, put it on our lowest fire and cooked it until 10am Friday morning.

We took out the chunks, poured it through a strainer and ended up with 7½ quarts of rich turkey broth for the freezer. We also got some meat for the dogs and put less than normal in the trash – the dogs wanted the scraps bad but they don’t get poultry bones. This will be a standard operating procedure around here from now on – it was super easy and only cost a little heat and a few plastic bags.

Come Christmas, I may even go around to the neighbors and solicit they're carcasses - heck, I may even go into the brine business - whoa, I'm getting out of control here. I didn’t take any pics as I didn’t think a big pot of bones or broth would impress anyone.

Have a great day and I really enjoy your comments.


  1. I am so lazy. I have 3 turkey breast carcasses in the freezer from last week. I have said all weekend that I was going to make broth "today". Maybe "today" will really be today.

  2. I put the carcass and bones into a bag and into the freezer it went. I'll make my broth sometime next week then freeze it like you did. It'll be good for soups this winter!

  3. Chris - That's why I go ahead and do it, or I never seem to get around to it.
    Karen - We try to make soup every Wed and that's where most of ours goes as well - the homemade broth is so good.


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